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  • Wild boots, fashion can not stop!

    Nine pants in the past two years, unusually hot, nine pants, although the style is simple, but was significantly thin, and the classic wild, especially the two pants with naked boots with super good and adidas shop stylish. Autumn and winter to wear nine pants was high, bare feet and cold, then to double boots, the adidas originals perfect solution to this problem, and micro-exposed ankle more refreshing legs long! Winter so wear, fashionable right! In fact, not only nine pants, boots and dress is also quite suitable with. Dress soft and charming, coupled with boots, micro-ankle feeling prepared to be young and dynamic, a look that is fashionable girl favorite popular wear. Now a variety of styles of boots, materials are also divided into a variety of different styles of boots can be a look for your look of a different temperament, domineering female Fan Fan, lower school college style, elegant OL ... ... every style, are looking forward to You go to explore Oh! Wear the whole summer sandals will soon be glorious retirement friends, autumn and winter season, let more warm, more type, more wild boots to escort for you! How to take the fall and winter? Election on the boots quasi-right! Fashionable and wild, who said it would be a false proposition? Xiao Bian on the collection of some good-looking boots, and small fairies to share it!

    Sexy fashion leather boots, shoes, elegant and elegant, delicate and smooth material, leather materials, durable and durable, stand the test of time, choose a pair of good boots, winter wear on no longer have to worry about it! Pointed boots more feminine, but also to enhance the gas field and temperament, thick with the design, kind handsome! This boots with leather material to wear very comfortable, there are two kinds of material optional, winter feet cold mm is not afraid of the shape of the boots in fact there is a special name - Chelsea boots. This type of boots is characterized by the length and ankle, easy to wear wild, this shoe is the flat design of the shoe, even more unique. Every autumn and winter, will hang a wave of British wind, of course, this year is no exception. This boots have the British style of fashionable temperament temperament, the length of the shorter, has been generous bare ankle, exposed ankle, but was significantly high tips Oh! Boots with calfskin material, delicate lines vivid, with good flexibility and comfort, rich high-quality natural luster. Version of the type is very different, especially the design of boots, very type is very chic! Boots a total of two colors, black and yellow brown, are very suitable for autumn and winter very wild color. The upper is the cow suede fabric, matte texture but more autumn and winter feel, plus the zipper design to wear off more convenient. A sense of design and girls are full of a heart full of boots, side of the large bow decoration unique look, the bow on the V-shaped vaguely exposed white skin, the color of the boots are very skin color, autumn and winter is also very good yo! adidas boots One of the highlights of the boots is its stitching design, suede and patent leather stitching, bold and creative, and very bright, heel of small details can not be ignored, not a simple cylindrical, but do a screw thread design, Ultra-refined, ultra-stylish!

    2017-10-17 10:37:46
  • Autumn women's shoes have been listed, sections of fashion exquisite, comfortable stovepipe also Western style

    Fresh tones with breathable upper, so that the shoes themselves more fashionable, highlight the youthful version of the type does not pick people, super wild look. Good quality and durable. International Fan full of a sports shoes. The design of the atmosphere even more beautiful, full of personality. It is very light, is the type of movement, fight color design, with a pair of lattice socks, nice not to the. Very personalized of adidas boots a sports shoes, the most favorite is that star pattern, adidas store very nice ah! Mesh design more comfortable and breathable, so you stay away from the foot sweaty foot trouble. The upper version of the upper version of the upper, and the soles of the strong fit will not have the case of eversion, special shoelaces, solid tone, not a single. Pure white canvas with simple and detailed blue and red hit color design, especially fashion eye, their own white is the wild essential style. A good little white shoes, the style is very classic, not easy to outdated, loosely with the high and also comfortable, low to help the design is very long legs long.

    Overseas version of the flat-bottomed fisherman shoes, non-slip texture design, according to ergonomic specially designed soles height can meet the trend needs. Hot summer like sports wind sister wear not used to sandals or high heels and the like, but this lazy pedal canvas shoes is very intimate. Thick inside the increase in casual shoes, so you will feel very comfortable walking for a long time, thick bottom of the shoes, especially like the sister of the shop should adidas stan smith buy such a shoe, wearing a very soft high heels is good, but wear a long time there will be a Kind of tired, the feeling of soreness, may wish to adidas running shoes choose a pair of comfortable flat white shoes to let yourself relax, small white shoes not only has a fresh range of children.

    2017-10-13 10:20:02
  • This pair of boat shoes give you fresh temperament and avant-garde modern sense

    Male compatriots often wear shoes is sports shoes, shoes, if it is more formal occasions may be only shoes. You have not thought of a change for their own style, in fact, there are many wild style, do not stick to their own small world, try to see more. White leather boat shoes to your daily wear to bring a new fresh and avant-garde modern sense. Neat edge cut, decorated with brand adidas women features rivets, and grounded large rubber soles provide enough comfort. White shirt and olive trousers daily wear with boat shoes rivets on the details of the overall shape adidas superstar of the limbs have a bright place. Tooling jeans with casual beige shirt simple and stylish, very warm men's atmosphere, and then with a pair of avant-garde shoes and more a sense of neat. Blue print T-shirt is very suitable for avant-garde rivets boat shoes, with elastic pants comfortable and not too rigid.

    Although this pair of shoes is white, but different from the adidas stan smith previous small white shoes, leather fabric makes the whole shoe is very texture, but also a little noble temperament. Rivet design more avant-garde trend, is a good choice for concave shape. It is also very good with, you can create a different style.

    2017-10-10 10:20:14
  • Suit with boots look good but who is not the legs to kill

    Suit is one of the essential coat of autumn, men and women pass to kill, a woman wearing a suit to spike a man. Of course, women wear suits also have a woman's own taste, today we come to see the suit with boots look good. As the legs of the artifact, knee boots, but many girls choose the shoes of autumn and winter. Suit with knee boots, simple and classic black and white rush enough to your big range of children, and never wrong. In addition to black boots, black suit with other colored knee boots is personality, and instantly break the autumn boring sense, for you to create bright spots, to attract the eye. Both to retain the suit of the capable and handsome, and more feminine sexy. Suit with knee boots, bare thighs in the visual can create the perfect ratio, shaping the dividing line, who adidas women is not the legs to kill it?

    Into the fall, adidas store in addition to sexy boots, real wear and fashionable boots appearance rate is extremely high Pointed, flat, suede all kinds of boots let you switch between any style at will. Suit with shorts, "pants disappeared" to wear people want adidas sale to come and go, even if the handsome suit can wear clothing big legs of the sexy, plus a pair of boots, concave foot shape sense. Suit dress is also very common, with the color of the match is adidas women not wrong, but also create a rich sense of hierarchy, capable suit and elegant skirt body to form a contrast, for you to attract the eye, plus a pair of boots is comfortable And fashionable.

    2017-10-08 10:25:57
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