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  • This year the most fire is a small white shoes? Fine high heel? No, it's this pair

    You still wear small white shoes, thin high with? Once swept the 90's cat heels, and now began to set off the current fashion boom! Cat heels, heel length between 3-5 cm, like the cat slightly tiptoe-like elegance ~ was said to be in order to 13 years old girls to wear high heels and the birth of such a short heel is not only light and lovely, and comfortable The degree is also high ~ 1. Basic models of the basic section is very delicate retro, with skirt, pants are very you are adidas sale still wearing small white shoes, Once swept the 90's cat heels, and now began to set off the current fashion boom! Cat heels, heel length between 3-5 cm, like the cat slightly tiptoe-like elegance ~ was said to be in order to 13 years old girls to wear adidas running shoes high heels and the birth of such a short heel is not only light and lovely, and comfortable High degree of the basic section is very delicate retro, with skirt, pants are very affordable, whether it is to work or leisure shopping, are not wrong choice.

    Pointed design highlights the perfect leg type, but also with any download easily with! Basic models to increase the bow element, cute cute, autumn concave shape necessary weapon! Posture with the section on the most elegant, follow the French elegant wear the essence of "less is more", with a simple classic models, you can be free and without taste! With a retro curling jeans, with a sense of street leisure at the same time, but also take into account the fashionable degree ~ with a micro-La jeans, the opportunity to expose the ankle can lengthen the leg lines, sexy wind ~ when the cat adidas store with shoes and half skirt meet, Elegant hide the handsome ~ with feminine pleated skirt, not only cover the leg, but also full of French street romantic! Cat heels itself a little bit of formal feeling, with a suit suit, so you more competent OL Fan. And to go out to date, it is better to move on the color of small mind, piercing the sweet degree. Added a little sweet, gentle and pleasant, dignified and elegant. Plus a beautiful scarf, a texture jacket or a unique bag of blessing, you can make the overall look more style.

    2017-09-25 11:09:33
  • How to choose a high-heeled shoes, not to be missed Oh

    No women do not love high heels, often wear high heels can pull up the legs line, so that our body has a sense of tension caused by hip contraction, chest before the very, let us look more sexy and more temperament, let us more confident. But I believe that many people are love and hate for high heels, the United States is a price, it is well known to wear high heels is tiring, then how to choose adidas sneakers their own high heels is very important. High heels, Or at least go to the mall to try again from the Internet.Many female friends have a lot of high heels beautiful but can only be treasured in the shoe, the reason is to buy only pay attention to the style but the foot feeling is not suitable for wearing a door to go, So the shoes must pay attention to the quality and foot feeling. Slip heel is relatively less tired, more suitable for summer, adidas shop just contact high heels for friends can try; rough wear with better stability with a wide range of clothes; Fine wear with more sexy, I also like to buy shoes are suitable for their own feet, for the workplace adidas store friends with thick and fine with certainly is preferred; thin shoes are not suitable for fat MM, because it looks Will not be coordinated.

    For just contact high-heeled shoes for female friends, with the height from the low start, 3,5,7,10,300 px; each highly tried to feel able to manage can try the same type of adidas sale the next height; Choose to take into account their own height problems. Regular high heels color is black, beige; for the newcomers into the workplace so that the choice of conservative can be better with clothes, and so formed their own dress style can choose their favorite style and color; beautiful color with a good There are many styles, but be sure to note that the skin of the black people try to avoid the monochrome bright high-heeled shoes, pick or match the error is easy to make people feel chaos rather than elegant

    Stylish avant-garde, delicate and meticulous, with shallow mouth design, making the feet of the bow bow, so that legs look more slender. Featured high-quality ultra-fiber inside, sweat breathable, fit footsteps, clear texture and natural. Easy wild, jeans, black pencil pants, word skirt can be.

    2017-09-23 11:01:50
  • No high heel is not sexy, wear thin high-heeled sandals, elongated legs more confident

    Women's shoe cabinet must not be less a high heels, a pair of good high heels can often play a perfect role on the foot off, a woman whether it has the charm of it. Using suede as the fabric of shoes, wear comfortable and flexible, wine red can look very white feet, fashion with the word, showing women soft temperament. Word buckle is adidas running shoes a very popular element this year, pearl decoration so that shoes look more grade, green relatively small minority, but the effect is very good, it seems feet white. Very bright color, the upper dotted with some rivets, can bring out your elegant charm, filling the elegant temperament of women, feet sexy foreign gas is very wild a fine heels, no matter what you are The occasion to wear can show your charm, can make you very confident.

    The upper selection of fine diamond materials, more than diamonds embellishment, wear scratch, matched with fine high-heeled, called perfect, refined sense of full. Exquisite pendant with bright pearl fashion yet elegant, shallow mouth of the design, the perfect modification of the ankle, put it to show a woman adidas originals independent of strong temperament, more beautiful and moving. Set lace hollow strap all the fashion elements in one, can fully modify the foot type, new adidas shoes while elongated leg curve, very on the grade, wear comfortable, long legs long. Very beautiful sense of the round toe, curvature of the perfect soft, classic charm of adidas originals the toe will be full of jade foot slender sense of tolerance, before the empty design more feminine. Pointed style can be a good modification of the foot type, lengthen the foot lines, so that your feet look more slender and charming. The curvature of the soles is both comfortable and beautiful.

    2017-09-22 11:21:15
  • Personnel must have a small white shoes, all year round can wear, feel particularly comfortable on the feet

    This season, small white shoes to sweep the fashion circle, even high heels lovers fall in love with the flat white shoes. It is a star supermodel wardrobe essential to play, but also the student party office workers love cheap cheap goods fashion simple atmosphere of a pedal lazy shoes, suitable for driving, daily, sports, work wear shoes, wear off easily Relaxed and comfortable, nowadays popular small white shoes very simple section! Small white shoes is really popular year after year, this needless to say, we are also concerned for a long time now! Many street shooting magazines must, this year, this pair of small white shoes fashionable degree on a step all year round can wear, when you do not know what to wear shoes, try small white shoes? , Simple style that will not feel complicated, put on very wild, adidas adidas women originals young girls temperament arises spontaneously! Staff must have half drag small adidas store white shoes, must be lazy must. Very simple white small shoes, like this simple lines, pure colors, simple match, you can wear clothing fashion lazy Fan children! Soft leather material, so wear super comfortable, cost is also no one.

    Small girls also like small white shoes, but suffer adidas women from a comfortable and can not find a high swollen what? Do not be discouraged, look here, thick white shoes to save you. Star favorite wild thick white shoes, on the feet of a range of children, a lot of people have to start a red network Oh! Go out to play, of course, to choose a pair of comfortable small white shoes is enough Fan, fight color letters decoration, the trend of texture, classic round design, fashion delicate, to help face the first layer of cowhide fabric, breathable boring feet.

    2017-09-21 11:16:08
  • Elegant and elegant fine heels, piercing women's noble elegance and tenderness like water
  • Sexy high heels, do their own queen
  • Go to the seaside holiday season, flat-bottomed sandals to help you build the overall shape
  • Stylish and Fan children, exquisite women's shoes, high cost, there are always for you
  • This is really popular this pearl with a single shoes, looks good and the atmosphere, but also appears feet white
  • It is necessary to have the temperament of cheap shoes so wear the most eye
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