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  • Do not just wear a small white shoes, these shoes make you spring more color

    Spring to, and to a variety of US clothing debut season, sweaters, jeans, dresses are beginning to play together. So many clothes, of course, have the appropriate shoes to match. Can have a lot of sister around, no matter what clothes to wear, often only like to use small white shoes to ride, reputation of its said, wild Small white shoes, although wild is not wrong, but not necessarily out of color Oh Spring is a colorful season, monotony of small white shoes is too much ordinary. Want to be unique in this season, in the shoes is to spend a little thought Yo! It is better to start from now, get several beautiful US shoes, so spring bloom from the toes. Are said to wear high-heeled shoes the most attractive, these words are not false. Put on elegant fine high heel, the whole person can emit a different gas field, feeling walking with the wind it Regardless of which season, adidas sneakers fine high heels are its unique charm by the majority of adidas stan smith sister's favorite, not to mention in the brilliant spring it?

    Suede shoes in the past few years is very popular, and elegant fine high-heeled together more of a woman taste. Simple design, no trace of extra decoration, very good clothes. Whether it is jeans or dress, feet to wear it is appropriate Royal sister Fan children. Blingbling a high heels, sparkling love. The highlight of this shoe is silver gradient, three-dimensional sequins color heavy, every angle is flash, as a wedding shoes is the United States and the United States da. The toe is with a little touch of black, you can dilute the visual impact of silver, so better with clothes. Although high heels is every woman in the shoe cabinet must have a single product, but it is impossible to wear every day, this time will be flat shoes played. It is not hated days, but in the gas field is no less. Soft texture of the cortex, people peace adidas sale of mind flat, with their own is arbitrary, so comfortable shoes can not help the girls who wish. Metal buckle small shoes in this year is simply not too fire, a lot of stars and street new adidas shoes shoot people have chosen it. This is a little European and American retro style feeling, without any effect of matte leather, classic and low-key, you can easily with a variety of styles.

    Since the retro wind to the trend of the stage, no longer have to decline. British retro wind small shoes, are basically fine patterns and soft lines combined, revealing the princess-like elegant style. Style is very classic leather handmade shoes, retro color looks very texture, simple and fresh unconventional, is a minimalist British style. Followed by the zipper for the whole section of the shoes by a lot of color, when the detachment of light with a small force can easily pull down, stylish and beautiful. With a long skirt will be very feeling. Lace with small shoes, feet of the sister can wear, just tie the lace can be, with a variety of pants is no pressure. Rubber soles, wear-resistant and non-slip. Because the version type and the lines of the reason, will be small feet, giving a very delicate feeling. The last thing to say is the elegant heels, for too fine high heel too high, flat shoes and too short sister who, it is undoubtedly a good choice. And now the coarse heels is different from the old in the past, the design is also more than a lot of delicate and playful, wear elegant and generous, do not have style.

    2017-04-22 11:04:34
  • There is a pair of pants to wear pants shoes, especially the legs were long

    The weather is warm, put on the skirt may be bound to their own words and deeds to make themselves more elegant, but wear skirt matters really Tingduo, forgive a lot of people still like the neat handsome pants. Love moving and not accustomed to dress a variety of shackles, or choose pants it. Elegant and charming not necessarily skirt, neat pants more to bring a sense of stunning. Moreover, the cold day, warmth is the first. A trousers basic to meet our warm pursuit. But do not all cover the pants, slightly exposed ankle of the United States we all understand, short trousers, visual focus naturally to the shoes on the. Said so adidas originals much, do you still have a pair of shoes for a pair of pants shoes for the sense of shoes? Nine pants to wear a very high was thin, just exposed slender ankle, is a thin golden rule. But wear well is easy to show legs short, so nine pants with what shoes really really important, no clue does not matter, fast get street beat people's ideas, with them very easy friends. Many girls feel that their height is Mishap, so will not wear anything to see. In fact, there are many female stars do not you high acridine The problem is that people will wear high heels, you will not yet learn? Tell the truth, fine high heels, although wearing more tired, but increased significantly so long legs so easy, any height of girls are suitable for pants + high heels combination, not only can be high, but also for the weekday dress to add gas field.

    High heels is the pursuit of each woman, but everything must have a start, do not start to rush to wear more than ten centimeters of high heels, you can start from low! Choose a pair of practice shoes, so that you easily transition to high heels. A pair of cat with a single shoes, small and exquisite fine like a kitten tiptoe, cute and delicate. Heel is also very intimate design of a rough style more convenient to wear. A deep mouth high heels, if a woman love high heels, it should fall in love with pointed high heels. Pointed shoes on the leg length has a great extension and modification effect. If you want to choose a pair of high heels, brown pointed shallow mouth high heels is the obvious performance of the legs were long temperament, but also highlights the modern fashion sense. Deep mouth single shoes style, walking really super smooth Oh! Flat shoes with ladies like gentle, but also has a comfortable lazy. Comfortable shoes feet, but comfortable shoes, not necessarily simple not beautiful shoes. Your wardrobe with a pair of flat sandals, walking in the sea or shopping, it is definitely higher than the high heels show friendly and friendly features. Although the flat bottom soles are not necessarily flat, but basically flat.

    A metal buckle Gu Lefu shoes. There must be a lot adidas boots of people in the struggle, wear a good wear and fashionable music shoes, in the end do not take socks? In fact, you can wear socks, play the color of the collision, you can make the overall shape more bright spots, but try to avoid the selection of all black, all white socks, so as not to look too tacky. Do not take socks, exposed ankle, can give a neat, refreshing feeling. A suede diamond flat shoes, pointed design adidas boots of the effect of long legs has been emphasized several times, the advantages of this pair of shoes is also a small single shoes on the decorative pearl as amazing, low-key color shoes and even with the pattern on the comparison More clothes are also in tune, so you step on each step, there will be a small ladies temperament. Uppers decorated with diamonds is sparkling love. Wear boots feel too hot, not enough to wear shoes, boots is absolutely necessary fashion single product. Shoes, short boots, a high degree of clever shape of adidas outlet the proportion of gold feet, is absolutely fashionable popular style! Fashion is short a short section of the pants to believe that every beautiful woman must have a single product, spring when the official pants pants. With a pair of boots is very fashionable!

    2017-04-21 11:17:56
  • A pair of small white shoes, play your spring

    Look adidas store at the whole 2016 years, small white shoes can be described as a fire for a whole year, whether it is with the skirt or pants are very appropriate, and it seems the whole person is fresh and lovely Oh, the degree of hot white shoes has now been the fire to 2017 , If you have not a pair of their own small white shoes, it is easy to start a pair of small white shoes, the most unique place is both a thick sense of casual shoes and semi-slippers casual feeling, super fiber material is very The comfort is not smelly feet, followed by part of the splicing elements are also adidas superstar very Western Oh ~ and very good match. If you do not want to tie shoelaces, this is a small white shoes is very suitable for you, and easy to wear and comfortable design, for your life to bring convenience Oh, and comfortable non-slip soles wear and folding, and slow The effect is very good oh ~ adidas originals very comfortable feet.

    Ultra-fine fiber material delicate soft, easy to bend easy to fold not wrinkled, breathable round hole design, you can make your feet better breathing more breathable Oh, it is worth mentioning that the shoe is sewing machine threading , Not only to extend the life of the shoes, and very good to avoid the end of the occurrence of ~ want to pursue a different, try this lovely girl style high shoes, magic button design to wear very simple, high To help design and very Western style, the same is a very good with the shoes.

    Shoes are very cute Western style, the highlight is followed by the green stitching, filling the Western style, and the toe of the gray stitching is also very unique, round the design of the adidas store overall comfort of the shoe to enhance the overall ~ flat design is also very comfortable Oh ~

    2017-04-20 11:15:40
  • Capture a wild peas shoes, sister you want it?

    Wearing a high heels, canvas shoes, sister who inevitably want to return to the most comfortable wearing experience, then this time Peas shoes is definitely the best choice yet. But the Peas shoes may not necessarily just comfortable representative Oh, wearing the same can be fashionable to see the basic style and high heels just fly, mainly in the soles into the Peas shoes design, so both piercing the elegant taste, but also Keep the comfort of Peas shoes, beauty and not tired feet. There are a variety of colors to choose from, the most basic step by new adidas shoes step design coupled with Peas shoes wearing comfort, this spring can be liberated himself was high heels ravaged feet! Square head + thick high with the design, so that her sister wear it more graceful feeling, coupled with the basic wear Peas shoes comfortable, sister who can be comfortable and grace with Oh ~

    The upper into a lot of elements of the embellishment, just look at there is a kind of BlingBling shiny feeling, my sister is not the girl heart was hooked up, it is adidas superstar not hurry hands ~ with a bit of British style Peas shoes, Watching more fashionable handsome sister can be with jeans, and then come to a shirt jacket or thin suit, the kind of generous and handsome image absolutely awesome people! However, the style is looking at the basic style, but with tassel design, but more than a trace of different taste, coupled with khaki more ancient, it is suitable for literary style or character quiet sister. Suede with pointed shoes design, this is very elegant and significant grade of Peas shoes to wear in the sister who is absolutely able to add their own beautiful plus adidas women a bow decoration, not only monotonous, but also more prominent sister image elegant. Delicate shape with bright colors, it is suitable for students to wear sister, with a skirt and a sweater, the kind of dynamic feeling particularly rich youthful charm, matched with the comfort of Peas shoes, put on not willing to off The. Strap as a popular element of this year, and the combination of Peas shoes is also very stylish and nice, there are a variety of different colors can choose, sister who like to pick their own Oh ~ shoe body luster sense is very strong, With a variety of different colors, the image of the sister will be more volatile, as well as bow as decoration, sister after the elegant lady to wear the style of exquisite.

    2017-04-19 13:36:10
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