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  • Cool and easy to wear without a tidal wave

    Into the summer, as the weather gets hotter. Compared to sandals, sandals are more comfortable to wear, and they can be carried away. Moreover, the trendy index does not need to have any sandals. This is the reason why the influx of people at home and abroad has never been given away. In fact, from the previous season, from the "bathroom" slippers to Maomao Love Fu shoes, and then to the tide of people chasing the Herms this summer, sandals, sandals "wind" has become increasingly fierce. The following editor will take you to see the sandals that must be worn this season! The biggest highlight is that the upper adidas new shoes is made of transparent glass glue, so it is very personal and soft and not easily deformed. It can display the length of women's feet and the fashion index is five stars. The sexy trend of the cat and the rhinestones match well with the pair of shoes. The stable four-way approach allows you to have more taste when you walk steadily. Microfiber inside, comfortable without rubberized feet, rubber, good toughness and elasticity, not afraid of water, the bottom of the matte clear texture design, increase slip resistance, increase foot comfort.

    The stylish glass transparent plastic material is very conspicuous under the beautiful flower decoration. At the same time, with the foot type, it can adidas running shoes also attract people's attention very well, and it is very suitable for the summer atmosphere. After the designer tried adidas outlet many kinds of materials, he chose a high-quality microfiber material and made it into the inside, because it has excellent breathability and sweat resistance, and it is also very comfortable to wear for a long time. Rubber outsole and sexy cat with the mix, wear comfortable. Rubber outsole, adidas sneakers good toughness and softness, let you become the queen of shopping.

    2018-05-28 10:17:57
  • What kind of shoes look good? Popular this year!

    For hurried office workers and high-heeled incompetent stars, using a light, breathable and comfortable flat-bottomed pair of shoes and dresses is not only elegant, but also allows you to enjoy long-awaited comfortable wear. . The cute new adidas shoes and lovely Mary Jane shoes, unlike other styles, use a delicate and rich-feeling sheep adidas store suede material, which is not only more refreshing than leather, but also adidas outlet achieve age-reduction. Contrast color with a natural retro style, making you both elegant and sweet. A flat-bottomed pair of shoes designed with ballet shoes, the design of the small round head can make the toes more fit and show a sweet and pure girl feel. The design of the cross straps, in addition to allowing you to avoid the troubles, can also modify the instep line!

    Who says that the dress can only be matched with elegant and elegant shoes? The combination adidas store of sports shoes and skirts has long been popular in the fashion circle, so that wear a perfect collection of elegance and sports, so that modeling more diverse charm. Simple white shoes no matter what style dresses are fashionable to the explosion, and after the old deal with the old white shoes, it is more stylish with avant-garde style, let look full of personality beauty. In hot summer, for girls who love to sweat with both feet, a breathable and fashionable sandal is naturally no less, but sandals and dresses can not only meet the demands of summer cool dress, but also make the shape more refreshing. Breathable! Put on a super gentle and temperamental strappy shoes with nude coloring. It not only has an extension effect on the feet, but also gives the skin more pink and transparent, super temperament.

    2018-05-24 10:11:49
  • One step at a time Flat shoes for everyday comfort

    There are so many summer shoes, high-heeled shoes are challenging but also stunning enough. Wedges dedicate natural pastoral style, while flat shoes are the main comfort, the most peaceful, and the most common. When wearing flat shoes, you don't have to be as cautious as high-heeled shoes, want to go, go and run, go shopping, go on a date, go on a trip, wear it at home, wear it when you're at leisure, even if it's a formal occasion . In this era of over-achieving, flat shoes are destined to be less glamorous adidas running shoes than high-heeled shoes, but they will not be as ordinary as they would be. It is fashionable, it can also be interpreted as Roman style, with metal tie to increase the eye-catching index, the adidas sneakers entire shoe surface is simple and easy to wear in the summer of the stove is the best. In their own time, more and more people like the comfort of flat shoes. They can walk on the street without any scruples. Don't look for sandals with very few materials, but they are the easiest to play with patterns, weaving and coloring pearls of Xilin. Use, inject exotic, romantic bohemian style.

    Minimalist is also an art, flat bottom itself has a simple and unadorned flavor, in the design of the upper, a few thin straps enough to fix the shoes, but it is unparalleled comfort, simple and neat, In the low-key, the darkness is elegant and graceful. In another funky way, you can show your unique fashion taste. Although the summer is hot, it is also a season most love to go out for activities, especially after the night, without the adidas store sun's rays, the temperature dropped a little, wearing a flat-heeled shoes is easy and freehand to stroll around the street to see the favorite things It is also a very pleasant thing to start with. Throughout the summer, there are so many styles of sandals. If you want to be special, you can choose sandals with literary temperament. Carved hollow design originality is very high, very simple but very unique, will show your delicate mind, in the sea, do not have the same color fireworks. You will walk a lot this summer. The road that you walk through in high heels is accompanied by a "squeaky" voice. It is proud, and the way you walk through flat shoes is the most practical, one step at a time, and you don't want to grab it. adidas boots Give your feet maximum relaxation. With a peaceful mind, face everything calmly.

    2018-05-22 10:20:29
  • Retro flat shoes how adidas superstar to match clothes?

    In recent years, there has been a "retrospective wave" in the fashion industry. Many clothing and shoes have been labelled "retro". Many fashion-looking flat shoes are retro style, especially the comfortable wear of flat shoes, spring and summer girls are wearing a very high frequency of single products, then retro flat shoes with what clothing is good-looking it? Today, Xiao Bian and everyone How to share several different retro flat shoes should be concave how to look good! The first introduction is the flat canvas shoes, which is a very popular adidas store tide shoes. Especially in the summer, many tidal wave women have foot canvas shoes. Canvas shoes styles and colors A variety of classic wild canvas shoes, with a simple T-shirt and shorts, it is refreshing and full of youthful vitality, adidas running shoes it is worth the majority of sister paper to try. For retro flat shoes, let's take a look at a pair of bow-colored flat shoes. Its color is a touch of nude. The material of the shoes is made of shiny patent leather, so it is low-key and simple yet stylish. However, the black silhouette surrounds the adidas new shoes black bow, and there is no lack of sweet and delicious style in the neutral style. Wearing retro flats like this with polka dot shirts and denim shorts are cute and playful.

    Vintage flat shoes with what? We finally share this lovely red shoes, it is retro and comfortable, especially the bow design of the toe, so that the whole pair of shoes has a fresh and sweet feeling. For such sweet flat shoes, even with only T-shirts and jeans, it is very feminine!

    2018-05-19 10:13:15
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