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  • Within the increase in small white shoes, easy to take the model body proportion

    Flat small white shoes, slightly shorter some of the sister who control, and the proportion of pants skirt will not take some, but it does not matter, to a pair of small white shoes, fresh and beautiful model can easily get the proportion. Leather material feel soft and comfortable to wear a kind, thick soles printed anti-skid anti-skid wear, after the fight to fight color leather, easy to enhance the height curve.

    Increased design for the foot to wear more comfortable, sharp toe feet so that the feet more slender lines, bright colors to enhance the skin color to enhance temperament. Retro adidas stan smith shoes style, wearing a fit foot lines uncooked feet, exquisite clear line car line leisure Karma full, comfortable sponge thicker ankle design, even more comfort. Super fiber leather feel soft and comfortable to wear, the classic tip of the toe retro stage, bright white more youthful atmosphere. Thicker soles increased design, double enhance tall and straight body. Non-slip soles comfortable and wearable, bright white fresh art better ride, retro shoes full of dynamic, after the heel stitching hit the color graffiti layer more distinct type.

    Flat white shoes so popular, but let the little sister happy not up, it does not matter now have such an increase in summer white shoes design, easy to enhance the height of the body, with no pressure.

    2017-03-25 14:01:20
  • Early autumn must have a single shoe finally found the feeling of little sweetheart

    Recently read a lot of classic movies in Europe and America, found a lot of heroine inside them not only beautiful skin, more attractive is their feet shoes, that a pair of classic style shoes, so that they are more goddess it! In this fall, you still only with the body of the match and ignore the shoes? Follow Xiaobian I am looking for the adidas outlet United States shoes, a pair of good-looking shoes, will give you a lot of extravagant points Oh! Flat shoes, flat shoes has always been a symbol of leisure and comfort, and this shoe also joined the strap design, it is virtually revealing your faint sexy Oh! Pointed version of the type is very thin, this Section of the shoes of several colors are very suitable for early autumn with the real sheepskin material shallow mouth flat shoes, and the above are the same as a pointed design, or that sentence, pointed shoes were thin thin Section of the shoes fabric with a high quality sheepskin, inside and pad feet are all made of high-grade sheepskin, wear soft and comfortable!

    Soft bottom of the fisherman's fisherman flat shoes, this shoe is the biggest highlight of its tassel design! Looks personality and retro, so you wear out with a high retention rate! Heel with the most suitable for human mechanics flat shoes Stability is quite good, put it on, shopping for a long time the streets are not tired feet! Leather retro black shoes, classic style and color so that it never out of time! Every girl's shoe should be necessary This is a single shoes, almost all occasions are suitable for wearing Oh! Bow design cute and cute, small fresh sister paper essential Oh! This year the most popular suede side shallow mouth shoes, simple style and atmosphere, very wild! Sheep suede face coupled with sheepskin material inside, wear very comfortable. So beautiful and comfortable shoes, should be the essential shoes of each sister paper! Nude color pointed flat shoes, nude color of the most complex color, and this shoes to wear very white! Design details in the shallow mouth with the same body made of sheepskin made of thin loop, H gold letters buttoned, fine and beautiful!

    I recently saw a lot of girls in Korean drama are wearing such shoes, we can see that it has become the Korean fashion this year, the necessary section of the shoes Oh! Pig skin material to wear comfortable And the soft, it is suitable for the usual shopping wear Oh! Side breathable pointed flat shoes, this shoe looks very personal fashion! Both colors are very suitable for autumn wear with, very wild! The most comfortable and breathable imported materials, high foot, breathable excellence. Satin face metal flat with flat shoes, this metal iron shoes are very rare Oh! So unique design, put it on you, will be able to attract a lot of rejoin rate Oh! Shoes color wild , Very explicit white!

    2017-03-25 13:53:52
  • Increase the small white shoes with a long section of sweater, a small man to wear!

    Small girls have been worried about their long clothes will appear to be proportional to the proportion of uncoordinated, in fact, if the adidas store match with a good no need to worry. Today Xiaobian recommended with a long paragraph is a long coat of clothing with shorts and inside the small white shoes. So wear youth by age, while highlighting a pair of long legs Oh! Small white shoes super beauty, first of all its fabric is the first layer of leather, different from the kind of cheap shoes, this pair of shoes breathable, rubber sole non-slip and wear. Say it is the effort, this is a pair of high shoes, looks no different with ordinary shoes, but secretly you look taller, outside to see to the 2.5CM, inside the shoes With 1.5CM, a full high 4CM, but very low-key Oh! The color of a small white shoes and small black shoes, are the popular color of the past two years style.

    The first layer of small white shoes shoes, delicate and generous simple, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Sophisticated round head design, good wear will not squeeze feet, toe very fine texture can play the role of non-slip. Shoes on the pattern is also very nice, simple and not monotonous, with the clothes are wild models. There are two styles, the main colors are white, but the pattern on the subtle differences, a black one brown, you can see the baby's personal preferences. Very high a piece of shoes Oh, in front of the heel is 3CM, the heel height is 5CM, will appear to be a lot of the whole people, the key is that it is not like the general high heels, looks very Delicate look good white shoes, wear is also very comfortable, that is, very high sense of low-key Oh The bottom of the shoe is not very hard, so there will be no burden to wear on the walk.

    Different from the common movement of the Jackets, with the neckline zipper, is not a cool coat, before and after the stitching, and this color is also fully consistent with the design of the port, the cuff made a tight, hem also pull rope pull , This design is better defense, the fabric is made of rain that kind of material, and this dress there are big hats, hat at the drawstring, neckline zipper are details, very good match, MM Can be used with leggings or jeans Oh.

    Hood design, sports wind full, casual personality, the predecessor of large pocket design, breaking the single and boring, behind the personality pattern patch stitching design, the background also have the trend of personality, threaded cuffs, elastic and comfortable, inside fleece, warm and comfortable, clothes The main classic black, with jeans, hot pants are a good choice.

    2017-03-24 14:18:29
  • Spring shoes, good-looking and fashionable is king

    And is almost seasonal season, there are a lot of sister paper to the background that they do not know adidas outlet what to wear season. Today Xiaobian gave us the beauty of the sister paper Meng recommended several very suitable for spring wear temperament US shoes. Wearing a whole winter cotton shoes, your shoes can finally season, and first of all must be a pair of comfortable and convenient music shoes. Remove the two years it is not how much fire, and look good and fashionable is king, this must be the first choice for spring shoes. The quality is really good, very soft to wear, walking is very comfortable to wear, and wear shoes do not have to worry about step deformation, metal buckle is good-looking rose gold, super texture, is the so-called penny goods, quality really Did not have to say!

    Inside the pad is a rabbit hair, hair smooth and delicate foot feeling warm and comfortable, shoes, leather is relatively soft, followed by free stampede, so it is a practical two wear happiness shoes. Shoes are very wild and not grinding feet, shoes are very delicate, very thick soles, insoles are very soft, very comfortable to wear, hit the color of the walk, super special, really take what are nice! Patent leather shoes, workmanship is very delicate and very fashionable, wearing a special comfortable soles are not very soft and not Ge feet, the more look better, the weather can also take the fast pants, especially college wind.

    Pointed foot of the Oxford shoes to look more slender feet, was significantly thin naturally mention. No matter what material, take the black 9 pants is not wrong. Rivet style is also interesting. With a pair of iconic little socks, it is fashionable to say nothing. Wearing feet very delicate, literary Fan, especially the bottom of the shoes look very texture. It is particularly soft and comfortable at all. White black are super wild! Shoes look good, the details of the treatment is also particularly good, feet wide and high back of the feet of the paper is not wearing a fat Oh! Shoes will not have color, the foot is very nice!

    Shoes to wear very soft, unlike other home soles stiff, shoes are bright, wear out a Fan, black with a good dress, with skirts, wide leg pants or jeans are good-looking, shoes, the United States da da! See Mary Jane shoes will think of elegant ballet shoes, in fact, Mary Jane shoes, is tied to the American style shoes, especially low-heeled, round face, ankle buckle strap-style shoes. The shoelace is the main element of its design, the material is usually black patent leather. But after the fashion improved, there are more different styles.

    2017-03-24 14:12:02
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