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  • Just graduated with a pair of slopes and small white shoes showing the body is also wild

    Slowly and slowly many girls want to change their image to meet the new school. The adidas originals rustic look makes him stay in his hometown, but after all, he is still a student. High heels are not recommended to you. Such a small white shoe is a wedge. Oh, it's high, slim, and beautiful, with casual style clothes or small skirts just fresh and refined. In the summer, not everyone likes to wear sandals. For example, if you like me, you would like to wear this kind of mesh white shoes, which can be used with many styles of clothes. The height of the heel is just right, very comfortable, and it is also very good to go hiking. . Shoes look very simple, but there are scheming designs behind it. The image of a cute panda is very suitable for the age of the students. It is also made of breathable fabric and does not wear well. Shoe shoes, there are three cm to make slopes increase, or hollow adidas store design, at first sight I fell in love, and immediately bought home, did not expect to wear very comfortable, soft soles are still very breathable.

    Don't be used to high-heeled shoes must first buy a pair of flat-bottomed pointed shoes to adidas originals try the feet, wear more will love it, because it is very decorative foot type, much better than the stupid round-toe adidas outlet shoes. Black and white collocations are not necessarily colorless, so this color matching is also a student's favorite, and school uniforms are also very nice to see. Summer shoes must be breathable, so this kind of breathable fabric hole shoes must be prepared, go out for tourism or wear well, a pedal design is most suitable for lazy cancer family.

    2018-03-23 10:23:11
  • This summer must be high-value single shoes, wear elegant style

    When summer arrives, the charm of the foot is not only the home of sandals but also the single shoes. For sisters who love to wear paper, single shoes are essential in the summer, and now the style of single shoes is increasingly diversified, style design is also very innovative, select a pair of appropriate shoes to your overall shape plus a lot of points, The wild fashion appearance makes you fall in love with this summer. Fashion Peas shoes are necessary for young girls to go out to wear, inadvertently reveal the retro atmosphere of art, style is also wild and wild. The classic lazy shoes style is a must-have for girls, which demonstrates the lazy with the adidas sneakers style of the wind while also losing the fashion sense of the round shallow shoes show thick little incense, stylish sweet girls essential tools, style wild good Out of adidas boots the street. The stylish solid-colored shoes are elegant and simple yet simple. Both the sweet line and the royal style can be easily handled. Classic retro style design, the use of high-quality patent leather surface to help the texture of shiny. Metal decoration shows a sense of individual fashion, square head design is also very popular, style wild fashion allows you to easily take the streets daily. The simple and stylish Japanese design style demonstrates the minimalist style. The plagiarism fibers are used inside and outside to create a more comfortable and smooth surface. The design of the square head and trimming surface is excellent adidas superstar in texture and gloss. The beef tendon material is anti-slip and wearable and breathable.

    Simple classic flat shallow mouth shoes, wild pick people. The sole is made of high-quality rubber fabrics, and the foot feels very comfortable and breathable. There is no stress in shopping. The design of the bow is cute and cute. Casual and comfortable round flat shoes, showing a retro literary atmosphere. The beautiful line design is not only a comfortable quality, but also has two layers of pigskin inside and the feet are more comfortable. High-quality rubber PU material has good anti-skid and wear-resistance effect. Classic retro style design is full of artistic atmosphere. As a daily wear outfit, it is also a super fashion. The one-string buckle design is convenient and beautiful. The classic round head is elegant and the rubber sole is non-slip and wear-resistant. Fresh and elegant fashion shoes, foot-style closed way to make it easier to wear off, microfiber leather inner, comfortable rubber outsole, so that the feeling of the foot becomes more comfortable, with the zipper The unique design shows the personality style. Classic fashion design style. Trendy outfits are full of street fashion styles, Korean women's shoes with coziness and cosiness. Their cute bows reveal a mild femininity, and the simple square head design is comfortable and stylish. Casual and versatile fashion shoes highlight the elegance of ladies, high-quality shoes are softer to fit adidas running shoes the feet, and the version is corrected. The design of the bow is even more playful and cute. The rubber sole is comfortable and non-slip, and the fashionable wild models don't hurry to get.

    2018-03-21 10:29:35
  • Do nail art and wear a pair of sandals to reveal the beauty of the feet!

    The gardenia has to bloom, and you have made the toenails of the United States and the United States. Why don't you reveal it quickly? As the saying goes, the hand is the second face, but I think the foot is the third face, so we should be more protective of our beauty. Well, with these sandals, it's only right to reveal a pair of feet. Round toe, flat bottom, stylish and convenient Velcro combined design of Roman open-toe sandals, wild wind is very strong, wear really well equipped, casual daily mix can be OK. The flower-decorated shoe has a fine sculpt between the instep and the ankle. The non-slip sole is combined with a comfortable sole, which is a comfortable and beautiful spring beauty shoe. The use of adidas running shoes high-quality PU materials, along with a fine hand-carriage line, and an upper decorated with spring flowers, highlights the elegance. Soft materials, enhance the feeling of the feet, so that comfort is new adidas shoes accompanied. The design of the round toe cap is cute and playful. Thick-bottom design, comfortable and natural, it is MM's favorite shopping. Anti-skid and wear-resistant soles increase adidas store grip and make walking more stable.

    The hand-sewn exquisite flowers on the vamp are covered with horizontal stripes and dotted throughout the spring. Our new products focus on details. After numerous adjustments, the lines are smooth and enhance the aesthetics of the upper legs. Flat-bottomed design, comfortable to wear, no high-heeled pressure on the feet, convenient closure of the Velcro, fashion and wild, easy to wear off, allowing you to easily go out.

    2018-03-19 10:21:53
  • Choose shoes to taste, pierce your freestyle

    Want to see a person's taste, do not only look at her clothes and the face, the first look must be the shoes at her feet. In life, one goes to work, and the most tired is his own feet. Clothes can make do. First of all, to be comfortable, followed by quality, low-key, integrated these three points, the election of shoes can be really not so easy to drop. Want to take shortcuts? No problem, follow Xiao Bian to choose shoes, easy to wear out your freestyle. Tips + rivets, elegant rock rebel, both stylish and no loss of texture. The slightly lower square root modified leg type is not picking people at the same time, and the walk is particularly stable, not tired. The bright patent leather is white and thin, and daily parties are very wild. The lively color scheme is more suitable adidas sale for summer. Single shoes must wear leather, breathable and comfortable, this is what fiber, what PU can not compare the texture. Two centimeters with high-height easy to control, simple shoes because it has a very comfortable texture, so only in the back of the heel with a bow decorated, it looks sweet and lovely. The quality is great, the style adidas store is beautiful, and it's incredibly comfortable. The shoes are super soft, non-slip, and the end of the beef is rotated 180 degrees to fit perfectly. The sponge-cored heel keeps adidas women the new shoes from grinding. The hand-knit lace flowers on the toe of the shoes, and the shiny beads on the strings, are very nice.

    The first time I saw this pair of shoes, I was blinded by its color. The weaving process is accompanied by a hit-and-match color scheme. Even if you bought the same paragraph, because of the staggered weaving process, so each pair of shoes are irregular color, not the same. Have to say, this pair of shoes is really very good, black and wild, nude color can absolutely surprise you! The number of yards is accurate, it's easy to wear, and it's very stable. It's just too affordable for such a price. Wear your ankles every day, and you can improve your temperament. If you don锟斤拷t believe it, try it. A very soft pair of shoes, light and comfortable. Specially received two pairs, a pair of daily shopping to wear, take more roads are not tired. Taken when you go out for a trip, they don't take up space together, and it's OK to climb a hill. Sweat-absorbent, it meets my desire to wear shoes barefoot. Surprised workmanship, precision lines, the entire pair of shoes completely without an extra thread, the soles did not spill out. Details can show quality. The number of shoes is very positive, and the upper feet are particularly comfortable. The adidas store Phnom Penh on the face is very graded and the tip design is super slim. Double shoes are simply too good to wear, and the upper ones are soft as if they were not worn. The whole body of the shoe does not have a treasure, but it can be kneaded freely. Even the most soft cotton socks can withstand the heel. Lambskin suede fabric, atmospheric grade, memory foam rebound pad in the sole, although light and thin, but it will not be lame.

    2018-03-15 10:30:13
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