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  • How to wear how a type, of course, can not do without the British Fan boots

    Cold and windy winter again, in order to warm certainly can not be separated from the incomparable boots handsome, casual style people take note, your shoe may be less a pair of comfortable Martin boots, shot in the Star Daren Street , You can often see the full range of Martin boots in England, pull the wind index lever. A wide range of boots on the market, a time for people to spend the eye, it does not matter, today with you to count the stylish doubled boots. The reason why people love Martin boots, in addition to its strong British Van, it is the role of modified leg type is obvious, the fashion circle can see its shadow everywhere. Both retro and stylish boots won a lot of people sought after, wild also resistant to see how the boots with how type, street full of sense it allows you to walk on the road comes with gas. Winter wants to attract passers-by's attention, how to choose good boots how to achieve? So, not quick to buy a comfortable and stylish boots for you? Boots can be said to be afraid of the cold star's favorite, with the wool material into the improved aesthetic, do not say, the fashion has doubled, the foot a little soft little girl's taste, there is a British pressing street style . Whether it is pointed or round head shoes, there are countless fans sought after, those who love pointed, this shoe you can not miss, tough style domineering side leakage, comfortable it shopping day Will not be tired.

    Deliberately old design make it a kind of retro sense of the era, the upper PU fabric more modern taste after becoming a lot of chic, clear texture makes the shoes full texture, full and crisp design make it look a sense of superior UP UP . How to miss Martin boots for people who love British style? Short section of the design so that the proportion of the whole body stretched a lot, with a blouse is sub-minute minute body has a supermodel, comfortable feet on the warm, how adidas shop would not love it? It seems Martin boots, in fact, in order to enhance the sense of design, the perfect combination of Martin boots and platform shoes, matte adidas sale adidas sale texture it feels retro feeling full, casual design and your casual style with a fan, warmth Also make you praise. Cold hands and feet, of course, choose to keep warm boots, the inside of the velvet to make it a lot of warmth plus a lot of points, boots, soles with a shock-absorbing non-slip design, walking is not going to have pressure, the color is also very Wild. For those who are not good at collocation, choose a British style full of Martin boots will not go wrong, ultra-textured fabrics coupled with super wind design, sub-minute highlights the trendy taste, to the ankle leg repair Doubling ability. As a synonym for street fashion, Martin boots have scored people's shoe, whether it is like street rock or lady British fan, Martin boots are your first choice, low to help it can also modify your calf, change Very slender.

    2017-12-13 10:10:23
  • Put away flat shoes, high heels bloom your beauty

    Do you want to be a beautiful temperament keep returning high? But you do not feel missing something, that is high heels. High-heeled shoes is the most important expression of temperament, it allows you to have a more arrogant figure. High-heeled shoes is one of the best women to dress up, it can not only increase the visual height, but also to improve body proportions, stretching the leg curve, so that your body more perfect. Fold flat shoes, bloom your beauty with high heels! High heels if nude color is suitable for this summer, casual with dresses or pants, do not pick models do not pick the color, just take a ride can take you beautiful. Should be commute to the date of the nude color high heels, slender stilettos need you better ability to control high heels, but such a high degree of usually more temperament and in fact some of the shallow mouth design is just right, it seems elegant feet can Appeared calf line slender. The design of the square head is more partial to Europe, but the nude color system can neutralize its temperament, highlighting the gentle and gentle atmosphere. Bright paint material whether it is sunny or rainy day can wear out the door, not easy to wrinkle, it will not be difficult to take care of.

    Pointed design is the beginning of the European and American style, adidas sneakers not adidas outlet to mention joining the splicing of the metal tip, adding a sharp fierce momentum, more suitable for female white-collar workers to wear, will appear temperament over, fine with is also relatively high , Suggest that good at wearing high-heeled girls buy. If you want to wear high heels, but can not control the fine with the slope, you may wish to give it a try, but this is more stable than the rough design, the choice of wooden slope, but also more texture, no slightest conventional heel bulky Sense, with more commuter nude color, temperament upgrade. This year 17 years the hottest bandage elements, sister read Fashion Week will be able to get, then why not come to a strap shoes? Cross design, around the foot and ankle, more seductive beauty. Stitching the metal square head, on the one hand taking into account the aesthetic appearance of the foot, on the other hand is more durable, daily is not prone to scratches. Small rough design should be any girl is well controlled, coupled with thin buckle, do not have to new adidas shoes worry about walking will fall. For most of the female foot design and shoes, small round head design is neither heavy and childish big round head, at the same time than the tip is more gentle, appropriate to appease the toe part, even if the instep higher Take good care of, is more intimate with the high, walking adidas originals very stable very comfortable. The word deduction design adds a bit feminine femininity, the tip brought sharp fade slightly. Elegant shoe last with a shallow mouth design, can be seen from the side of the elegant and beautiful foot shape, coupled with the word buckle ankle, walking more confident. A good pair of high heels can often play a perfect role on the foot, a pair of beautiful feet can play a good overall temperament modification, a woman is attractive, on the surface, thanks to these pairs of high heels.

    2017-12-08 10:13:36
  • What shoes were leggy, adidas stan smith what kind of shoes the most difficult to wear?

    If the summer is the season dominated by sandals and flat shoes, then the upcoming autumn and winter, Xiaobian think boots will undoubtedly become the main song, then goose, boots thousands of species, in the end which is your dish it ? ? , Do not rush to chop the hand, I first pick a pick what kind of shoes your leg length, what kind of shoes the most difficult to wear? How to choose different legs, starting from the legs to take the most small fairy headache O-shaped legs and X-shaped legs Speaking of it, these two legs more or less people are not exposed easily, the best Method is to cover! Over knee boots is a magic weapon, cleverly cover the shortcomings, the visual lengthen your height, the most suitable with short skirts, shorts and cultivating pants. Remember not to put out the dress block, because these two single product together, will look very cumbersome, remember! Occlusion legs type alternatively one is enough!

    In the boots or ankle boots is a good choice. Why do not you continue to use long boots to cover it? Because of thick legs, easy to get stuck, it will be more prominent that your legs on the meat adidas store condition, the tube and the ankle boots have a good sense of extension. In fact, long before, cats and heels have come out, cats and boots but is its upgraded version. With pointed, kittens and quickly in the eyes of fashionista stand firm, very pretty style, but a lot of people impressed. Thick boots with the new door is the Gospel of Meng, a certain increase in the proportion, will not let the feet tired. Thick with the design of the use of the boots is Tingduo, adidas sale moderation, but also more engaging, acceptable than cat adidas shop heels, socks wide.

    2017-12-06 10:15:38
  • Trendy boys adidas shop shoes, cool to no friends!

    Once again, the coldest of the year, I believe my mum will have to give his boy a warm pair of sports shoes! Like a girl, like beauty, the boy favorite nature is cool words, so Xiao Bian today and all the mothers who are cool to those who have no friends shoes! However, what kind of sports shoes will be more cool? Xiaobian specifically summed up the three elements of the point, the first is naturally the most easy to produce visual effects of color! In addition to the classic color models, you can try to boldly choose eye-catching colors, and now very popular collision color elements can be very cool, you can also refer to the children's favorite colors and then consider! Then is the degree of neatness, sports shoes have always been very capable of a shoe, so do not have complicated decorative design adidas outlet to make it bloated, simple is the most neat! Although many children are very fond of simple Velcro, the combination of velcro and shoelaces is the best, cool index will greatly increase! Cool a light sports shoes, is the adidas originals first choice for many young boys, convenient index very high velcro design and excellent skid resistance have greatly extra points, stylish color contrast design and neat version is very Is handsome!

    Solid color design of this sneaker in the silence of the exudes a simple atmosphere, simple is very simple and direct, three-dimensional sense of shoes and lines are handled very well, but also very wild! A sports shoe not only suitable for multiple scenes, feel very comfortable on the foot, there is an indelible magic, in addition to double adidas boots root Velcro shoe design without any decoration, very clean! Colorful printing design can easily make people shines, a little height of the thick end of the design can be done to increase the silence, is that many boys will love the paragraph, put on the very dynamic! Breathability, anti-skid performance and deodorant performance are excellent sneakers, design a full line of car suture design has a very cool sense of line, every design is an extremely sense of band! Chic and interesting collision of color design and fashion elements with the letter is perfect, the overall look is very stylish with Fan, the material is also very breathable mesh, the sense of feet is very comfortable! Super texture of a leather sneaker, the classic black and white two are super handsome, lace and Velcro cloth design is cool, simple version of this shoe look more comfortable and seductive Oh! The biggest advantage in the design of sports shoes is to protect the child's ankle, it will not leak, the thermal effect is particularly good, exquisite unique color design with a unique pattern is very handsome!

    2017-12-04 10:18:54
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