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  • Choose these few shoes, the whole summer are so cool not to

    Summer, a season of restlessness; summer, a busy season; summer, a season worthy of madness ... ... summer heat, will not be disgusting, but for granted; summer wind, will not let People are confused, but refreshing; summer clouds, will not make people depressed, but bring surprises. Summer, we do not have heavily armed, do the most real oneself, get rid of trouble, sweat, we are the most youth. Summer, beautiful women are ready? The United States and the United States da skirt, cool shook shorts, are you still so a pair of shoes? Who is not confused youth, in fact, we are the same, a pair of fresh white adidas women shoes, a pair of playful small shoes, a pair of sexy leggings shoes ... ... are our girls the best choice, do not be unique, it is wild, how adidas new shoes Wear is the most beautiful of their own. You and the goddess only a pair of shoes distance, come here to find the most suitable for their own, are fine. Goddess preferred, wild little white shoes. Soft shoes, soft lines, there are thin feet both visual sense, and sometimes do not really thin, because everyone knows that it is not easy, but the election of the Xiefu, camouflage themselves, adidas superstar simple. Shoes in front of a small hole, not only breathable, and beautiful. Such a short to help small white shoes, both in the skirt, or under the cool pants are very slender legs, put on this pair of small white shoes, to run, to enjoy the sun, green grass to welcome you! Variety of Roman shoes. After the knee in the summer after the first choice, according to their own length of clothing and the mood of the day free to change the level of the band can also be exposed knee can also be ankle, Karaoke straps are comfortable and beautiful, filling the legs curve beauty. Humane with the design, to reduce our girls want to wear high-heel but tired of fear, rough with the fine tie in harmony, not only comfortable, and fashion elements are no less inferior. With the rough with the release of the girls feet, with the length of the extension of the band. European and American style breathable comfortable small shoes. Round head, heart-shaped pattern filling the designer's care machine, but also for the wearer a single shoe to add a choice. In particular, increased the design of the waterproof platform, rain do not have to be careful, let go of adidas stan smith the feet, out of the girls and the summer style of feelings. The design of ultrafine fibers and deep openings increases the texture of the shoes and the comfort of the dress, the design of the straps is full of spring and beautiful, summer.

    A variety of colors, any match. Matte upper and square with the fashion collision, shallow mouth, rough with, foot ring strap, belt buckle are full of designers of the careful machine. The design of the pointed toe makes the wearer's feet appear more slender. In the middle of the high heels with the pain caused by the pain. With a dress or effort tight leather pants can show the goddess temperament, ankle at the small strap, to the monotonous upper brought a touch of soft feeling, but also make people shines.

    2017-07-21 11:03:29
  • Wear comfortable leather casual shoes, easy to go shopping

    No matter what time to go out can not be less a comfortable shoes. But the type of shoes and more and more, in different occasions adidas store to wear different shoes will help you show you the same temperament and effect Oh, today we come to see the four seasons are wild shoes, whether it is out Shopping or friends gathering, casual shoes are a good choice Oh, it is comfortable and elegant, the most important thing is that it is wild, and when you can wear. Simple leisure small white shoes is a very good choice, high-quality rubber at the end of wearing comfortable soft not hurt feet, lace of the closed way, easy and comfortable feet, especially a sense of leisure. Whether it feels that this simple casual shoes special trend of the trend of it, the shoe body with the first layer of leather to create, breathable effect is very good, put on both comfortable and not smelly feet, so you go shopping more relaxed, More convenient.

    Summer out shopping leisure small white shoes is a very good choice, high-quality leather to build, comfortable and breathable feet, not hurt, especially the texture, very significant grade. Rubber soles, anti-skid wear effect is very good, especially durable, adidas women special leisure. There are fine embroidery, it seems the trend and fashion. Now more and more people are looking for comfort, for the often go out of the treasure they need a pair of comfortable shoes. Newly bought sandals are always easy to wear foot, adidas outlet and summer sandals are no longer just for the cool so simple, and sports wind combined, or coupled with light and soft rubber at the end, comfortable and stylish and wild. From the net red to the star domestic to foreign, but a pair of adidas sneakers hands Oh! Do not hurry to keep up with the pace of the trend?

    2017-07-20 11:15:29
  • Classic canvas shoes how to wear more fashionable than they are

    When we are still studying when the beginning, almost around each girl's shoe cabinet has a pair of canvas shoes, and has been popular to the present. Comfortable ride and chic, and so what? Quickly put your shoes in the pair of canvas shoes out, fashionable and easy to greet the holidays! When we are still studying when the time, almost around each girl's shoes The cabinet has a pair of canvas shoes, and has been popular to the present. Comfortable ride and chic, and so what? Quickly put your shoes in the pair of canvas shoes out, fashionable and adidas superstar easy to greet the holiday it! Each girl shoe cabinet has a pair of canvas shoes, but you really Would you like to take a new canvas shoe every time, always hard to go to the dirty place, would like to quickly make it adidas sneakers look dirty dirty old feeling. After the success of dirty feel new adidas shoes that with what style is just right! Dirty dirty old look! Canvas shoes with classic style, devaluation canvas shoes + jeans adidas women + plaid shirt, plaid shirt with jeans and canvas shoes is a classic but fashion wear, random personality quite appealing, striped shirt is the classic models, the following stripes canvas Shoes are not amazing to you, candy color, classic fine stripes, personality and sweet, wearing a pair of shoes like a canvas bag, proper small fresh Sen female wind. Or leaning or sitting, gestures, chic style muddy if Tiancheng.

    2017-07-19 11:15:43
  • Fit shoes is good shoes

    How to buy a pair of desirable shoes? Shoes to buy points:

    1, test shoes should try on both feet

    There are about two-thirds of the two adidas superstar feet are not the same big, remember which long which is short, test shoes should try on both feet. According to the slightly larger foot of the foot selection shoes. Can not simply choose the shoes according to the shoes or trust people on behalf of the purchase, we must personally try on, because the last head, style or brand model of different standards, the specific size of the shoes will be different.

    2, thermal expansion and contraction

    Feet with different seasons will have thermal expansion and contraction, so in the winter to buy summer discount shoes, you try the appropriate size with the summer may be slightly adidas sneakers smaller than that.

    3, the ideal size

    Ten toes can be free to move in the shoes, there is a comfortable pad and a moderate internal space; sole and foot depression at the arc is very fit, ankle and toe touch the shoes; forefoot to have some room for maneuver , If the toe to withstand the toe when the heel and the back of the shoe can also reach into a finger between the distance, this size just right; heel heel on the surface to be very close to the heel, walking time can not slip Go to their own from the top down to see the arc and the arc of the central arc is consistent, to confirm the foot of the elasticity is appropriate.

    4, do not accommodate a pair of different size shoes

    The size of the shoes is too small even longer, hold a large degree is also very limited, sometimes the foot scenery may cause corns, blisters, foot pain, leg pain, back pain adidas sale and a series of illnesses.

    5, the material is not good not to choose

    Even if this pair of shoes has your dream design, almost perfect arc, adidas boots exudes the most fashionable color light, reasonable price.

    6, touch the leather on both sides

    Check the shoes of the cortex is good or bad, not in the toe and on both sides of the shoe side, the best choice when the shoes touch leather on both sides to see if the thickness is uniform.

    7, choose soft and flexible soles

    Can be more evenly distributed impact force.

    8, heel and trousers with

    The higher the heel, the wider the trousers; the shorter the heel, the narrower the trousers.

    9, choose the color slightly darker than the skin tone of the shoes

    Will appear tall legs tall tall.

    2017-07-18 11:06:22
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