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Autumn and winter princess boots, treasure mother ladder TIME!

Xiao Bian believe that every treasure for their own little princess are very concerned about, especially autumn and winter wear, warm measures must be done! In addition to the basic clothing, winter boots to make your feet warm are also important miracles, so today's theme is the autumn and winter models warm Martin boots! Is not adidas superstar a simple winter boots, but with the princess boots girl heart, you must be clear that the little girls have a princess in the heart of the dream, to cast their good even more important! Princess boots princess boots, Because it not only has a super high color value is still very delicate, with a bright feeling, that is, one in the vast ocean can see the extent! Princess boots styles are mostly short and long sections, short section is just over the ankle level, this will be a little more playful feel, it seems more able! Long paragraph will be more elegant and mature attitude, usually below the knee A few adidas tennis shoes centimeters, not only can be well modified legs can also be good in the autumn and winter warm, can serve two purposes!

Gaotong fashion first layer of leather princess boots. Fancock a very full princess boots, just below the knee a little, you can arbitrarily with the base, the oblique side of the red and green ribbon elements and large metal adidas shoes buckle showing an elegant and refined attitude, every step is powerful Gas field! Stylish first layer of leather design makes this high boots become full of style, has a great texture, embellishment everywhere fringed design casual, it is beautiful and romantic, although it is a very pure color, but the overall look does Extremely rich! Unique design coupled with fresh full color has a full sense of temperament, everywhere are exquisite mesh pattern design, with a retro gesture, exquisite zipper design is also very intimate! Style of patent leather design elegant elegant exquisite, wavy curve meets the dot design is simply not too good-looking, the sense of the lines of the shoes are extremely neat and smooth, adding a lot of points for this princess boots! The length of knee-length plus velvet princess boots is very superior, elegant and elegant is the best fit with its vocabulary, Slim version of the design is just right degree, behind the bow design is careful machine design Oh! At first glance is this elegant full of small flowers were stunning, or two good things in pairs, with the meaning of good luck blossoming open! Sleek toe design full elegant posture, with jeans and leggings are great!

Little princess favorite bow coming! Delicate elegant butterfly machine design in the solid adidas store bevel on the more beautiful, simple design makes this princess boots become fresh and full, it is seductive! Is a girl's heart full of princess boots, full of white pearl and delicate bow tie intertwined, the wave design of the shoe is very fresh, showing a very superior sense of line and three-dimensional!