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Bandage sandals, the temptation of bundled to make you passionate!

Very versatile and stylish strappy sandals, the rivet design on the upper makes the shoes with a adidas shop little bit of Roman style, especially wild. Whether you want the softness of a sweet little woman, or the coolness of a handsome fashion or youthful vitality, this sandal can satisfy your needs. Especially wild and sexy strappy sandals. The cross strap design of the upper does not look very complicated, but it reveals the pierced sexyness, setting off the MM's Yuzu's beauty and being thin. The high height and thickness are not too exaggerated, and the comfort is ensured while ensuring the unique charm of high-heeled shoes. The straps in the legs are undoubtedly the focus of the focus. The line design of the upper is as simple as possible and has a sense of space. If the calf leg type is not a perfect sister paper, it is important to remember not to tie it too high and place it just above the ankle. Wearing trousers and skirts are good. Adhere to independent personality, adhere to the trend of self, and use different perspectives from the same perspective to express our interpretation of trends in fashion and popular elements. This is very similar to the previous one, the only obvious difference is the shape and height of the heel, so this little woman's charming, more youthful fashion.

Personally recommended and favorite strapping mats. The soft and comfortable soft sole guarantees the comfort of the wearer. The proper thickness not only increases the weight but also does not reduce tiredness. The design of the cross straps on the upper part of the shoes makes this shoe full of sweetness. The white is thin and obviously high. The design of the word belt is very simple and has a very fashionable and great brand temperament. The thin straps can bring out the fineness of the MM's ankles and the delicateness of the jade feet. The elegant fringe on the top of the band will sway as you walk, embellish your feet, and bring a little playfulness. Sexy bandage design, stylish cross-leg style bandage forgiveness. The extremely simple structure creates a perfect slender, bare foot, supporting a lively fragrance in people's envious eyes, making it impossible to divert vision. Really sexy, too eye-catching. The same is a very simple and stylish strappy sandals. Because of the simplicity, it is classic; because it is simple, it is big; because it is simple, it is wild; this is such a adidas tennis shoes classic big and wild sandal. And the thick heel adds a sense of comfort and style to the sandals. Do you want to get rid of the fetters of high-heeled shoes and want the delicate aesthetic of high-heeled shoes? This flat-bottomed strappy sandal is your best choice. Its adidas originals soft and comfortable upper makes you comfortable to wear; its simple strap design and fringe straps are full of feminine femininity.