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Beach side, not a pair of words really can not die!

What is the late summer? Of course, is the time to adidas shoes travel is coming! We are not already planning to travel holiday ah? Speaking of the summer travel destination, basically the beach ah ~ after all, everyone has adidas superstar a look at the sea dream ah! Although the seaside is overcrowded every year, but always someone fought. In the sea, in addition to swimwear also need what? Must be the word drag ah! What's less of it! Men's word drag or pure black best to see ah! Low-key and completely wild money is not wrong. Clip toe design wear off super convenient, it will not wear feet. Soft and delicate material is strong and wearable, the wave of the shoe bed to wear more comfortable ~ color beautiful fabric with the word looks very refreshing, but also to the whole pair of shoes add a bit bright and design sense Oh ~ cotton Uppers can not only reduce the friction, breathable effect is also very praise, soles are also very wearable. Do not open the design does not say, just so much color choice looked very attractive ah! But also ultra-soft soles, comfortable and free, shoelace material to reduce friction, but also adidas tennis shoes super soft feet. The structure of the flip flop is simple, but it can be interpreted in different styles, and thus popular with all kinds of people welcome. In fact, the flip flop was originally designed to facilitate people walking by the beach or swimming pool, and we wear every day to walk around the shoes are not the same.

Beach drag very European and American wind ah, the atmosphere and fashion. Soft skin care of the shoelace is not only comfortable and breathable sweat. High-quality high-elastic uppers not only comfortable to wear and will not easily deformation. British wind beach drag looked a little cool adidas superstar ah! Multi-color with irregular lines look very tide it ~ Although it is thick but gives the impression is very light breathable, non-slip soles are impeccable. Pure color beach really is really simple and elegant style ah! But it happens to be able to wear out the feeling of men. Quality work what completely nothing to say! More importantly, this is a couple yo! Can quietly show loving!