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Boys how to pick a pair of good shoes

Boys to buy shoes, the frequency is generally not high girls, and boys are very pragmatic spirit, so hope in their own budget to buy a pair of cost-effective shoes, the same price range, nor is the higher the price of the better shoes, so "Pick" is very important! The That is, whether you buy this pair of shoes, shoes can meet your requirements, leisure, sports or formal occasions, but in addition to special such as foot shoes, hiking shoes, basketball shoes, the other shoes such as ordinary shoes , Sports shoes and shoes are suitable for everyday wear ~ ~ very classic casual shoes, suitable for a variety of occasions to wear, simple retro style, light shoes and breathable mesh design, EVA soles are very soft and tough, good cushioning Function of the soles, at any time running up to the next life wind ~ ~ This is very critical, especially for the foot love sweating boys, to avoid nausea is very important, who do not want to have a sweaty feet, So to avoid the choice of semi-closed PU leather shoes, and breathable mesh sports shoes, canvas, Oxford cloth material shoes or leather shoes are a good choice

Fashion European style Martin boots, the trend of the street wind, canvas material with a simple cotton lace, with breathable and comfortable features, non-slip soles have thick design to meet the waterproof, non-slip wear at the same time, is also very Can enhance the gas field ~ ~ a pedal of the shoes of the most round shoes do not pick the foot type, pure cotton canvas material is also breathable, simple solid color, low saturation color is very elegant, coupled with personalized printing, elegant There are characteristics ~ ~ flat small white shoes shoes in the soles of the shoe, this section adidas tennis shoes of the soft shoes when the rubber shock absorber, to achieve the flexibility of the flexibility at the same time not more professional running shoes, soles used Is the MD and rubber base material, the heel of the EVA material is more lightweight features, with excellent flexibility and resilience, coupled with ergonomic last type design, greatly enhance the foot feeling ~ ~, with clear texture Design, durable wear, and adidas store adidas shoes Bullock's adidas boots carved upper even more stylish and elegant ~ ~