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But the coolest Martin boots learn to wear the most stylish stars! ! !

Martin boots has always been both retro and fashion, as an ancestor of street fashion, by stars and street fashions loved, Martin boots appearance rate, fashion icon they are put it down! Wear it full street sense, an increase of a lot of personality adidas store and fashion elements, so you more attractive! How to wear Martin boots out of personality and big legs? Others wear long legs, but you wear out of five or five short legs ... gentle girl domineering cool girl? In this best season to wear short boots, if you do not know how to choose boots, then a pair of Martin boots! A pair of Martin boots can meet you all with! Jeans and Martin boots with more sultry! Comes with a cowboy feel, the overall jeans with denim jacket more retro feelings, jeans try to pull up too long to avoid heap at the ankle winter with the general choice is dark, if you wear black pants, try to choose black Martin boots , Visual unity more adidas tennis shoes leg length, years of constant terrier! Who wear who know!

If the black Martin boots can not wear features, you can change a pair of near-color adidas shop line with the winter red wine or khaki Martin boots to match up and down the coat and uniforms, as long as a color no more than three colors can be stylish and may Some people think that Martin boots look more cumbersome, so with the pants more neat, choose straight pants to take a few autumn pants can Oh, short legs should choose shorter pants more leggy Martin boots full personality , adidas superstar Whether it is office workers or students can get the shoes, skirts, soft boots and hardcore like with a trace of women's gentle, winter coat with the upper body, the heart of the skirt ride, cold to wear a thick primer , Short boots, ankle leak ankle, warm winter wear to wear the main!

This year's popular denim wide-leg pants more fashion sense, but in the details you can add points is the same as the following volume cuffs, with Martin boots vintage retro black underwear socks also did not affect the beauty! Martin boots not only concave shape, the winter can also giant warm, a lot of warm Martin boots to wear a sense of security, winter like wearing oversized cotton or coat can choose with a bottoming stockings, Martin boots warm winter! Martin boots so handsome and practical, how are you usually with it? Say your perfect match with the message!