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Camouflage in power to make this spring and summer blowing camouflage wind!

Camouflage pattern has always been the darling of the fashion industry, the gas field strong camouflage elements by the fashion Icon and street beat the influx of people sought after, put them, not only make you full of fashion, more easily piercing the street adidas new shoes tide. Now camouflage fashion is not limited to clothing, but also have been applied to the shoes, take a look at the following recent fire "camouflage elements" how to match it! The earliest earliest, camouflage only the military in order to protect themselves in combat, to avoid the enemy found the camouflage way. In the early nineteenth century, the general nature of the camouflage colors, such as: military green, khaki and green gray has been widely used in many countries in Europe and America, until a war, France was officially "camouflage" to join the military dictionary as a new military words The But now, camouflage this military practical elements, but a great sense of art and the trend of type grid. A pair of camouflage sports shoes, absolutely able to play your fashion sense to the extreme. Here are a few pairs are now very popular camouflage elements of sports shoes, in the spring, together "camouflage" about it!

If you have chosen camouflage shoes out of the street, in general, the shoes have been applied to the camouflage pattern, pants do not choose a very rich pattern, and a solid color of the pants or pants will be more pleasing. Summer to the camouflage sports shoes can also be used with a solid color casual pants, light color is the adidas tennis shoes first choice, and will not appear too abrupt. I believe that every man's wardrobe has a camouflage element of clothing! As the most able to reflect the men's personality of a single product, regardless of street shooting men or fashion big coffee, all love it! In this warm again in the spring, a camouflage jacket is not a small amount of each single must be a single product. Not only really adidas store wear a high degree of wear can also make your fashion index soared quickly.