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Exposed shoes have been out of shoes and socks

From April to April, the weather is getting warmer. I believe that my sisters have replaced the winter boots and put on lightweight shoes. However, in order to keep up with the trend, when the girls wear shoes, they can stop wearing invisible socks. This year, the tube socks have replaced the socks and become the new darling of fashion circles. Whether it is with Oxford shoes, Love shoes or shallow mouth shoes, put a pair of tube socks, can add a lot of layering to the overall shape, very eye-catching. Oxford shoes + hose socks. British style Oxford shoes, with the collocation of socks, handsome full. In the past, when used with boat socks, it was easy to lose it. Now, with the socks, it is naturally not an issue. Lok Fu shoes + hose socks. Lok Fu shoes, commonly known as lazy shoes, its a pedal design, it is easy to hit the foot of the situation. The sisters were paired with a pair of tube socks, which naturally resolved and added a lazy temperament.

Shallow mouth shoes + tube socks. Many sisters wear light pumps when they wear shallow pumps. Putting on tube socks not only brings an unruly attitude to femininity, but also eliminates the pain of grinding your feet. A small single shoe designed by British style. The upper was made of patent leather material, with a glossy finish and a glossy finish. And the decoration of the tassels in the upper part adds a lot of design sense to the overall shape, which makes it more attractive. It is a pair of shoes for a little sister. The design of the slope heel, with a non-skid outsole, while walking smoothly, but also allows you to increase a lot. And the patent leather upper, fringed decoration, very elegant temperament. It is a pair of loafers in Europe and America. The collision between the black and white uppers and the square buckles add a lot of sense of design and street style. And the glossy patent leather upper, whether it is with skirts or trousers, is very delicious. A retro pair of Oxford shoes. The design of the upper splicing adds a lot of layering adidas running shoes and is very fashionable. And each color is paired with two shoelaces, one pair can wear two flavors. adidas outlet An Oxford shoe designed by the College Wind. The upper has a cowhide material, which is delicately textured with vintage colors. The sole honeycomb texture, slip resistant, it is worn. This pair of Oxford shoes uses the design of Harajuku. The shoe upper uses a pu leather material, which is soft and delicate, and is very texture. With waxed round laces, the overall shape is clean and neat, and it looks very generous. Very feminine pair of shoes. The head of the small round head, new adidas shoes with the shallow mouth design, can make the foot more delicate. And on the suede upper, the design of the bow decoration is sweet and pleasant. Compared to a retro single shoes. Unique square toe, with a word buckle, the overall line design is simple and generous. The combination of a rubber sole and a adidas originals heel with a heel leads to comfortable and smooth walking on the upper foot.