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First selected shoes or selected pants? this is a problem

The face of such a high temperature of the weather, do not know what pants boys can actually use breathable comfortable shorts instead of pants hot and rigorous package, this is not only to reflect the chic leisure style, but also for their own comfortable and comfortable, So the pants are selected, this time coupled with a pair of classic wear canvas shoes, not only can easily take the interesting LOOK, but also very comfortable, with their past no matter how many years can be a collision spark! Canvas shoes practicality is high, wild, non-slip, leisure is a modern pursuit of a state of life, a way of life, covering all aspects of adidas superstar life, such as walking, sports and fitness, tourism, shopping and so on. Quickly put on to enjoy colorful life. Although the shoes look relatively simple, but it is very wild, whether it is casual wind or retro style, can easily control, toe shoes are very nice, low adidas shoes to help the design, simple shape with casual shorts is very adidas shop nice The Simple and generous style lazy shoes on the new friends, this shoe shape good sense of interest, the most important thing is to remove the shoelaces, the Department carrying the trouble, is it very lazy there? Out of the street Shuashuai very appropriate, flat feeling is in place, and very wild Oh!

With the change of the times, the designer in the basic version of the canvas shoes derived more full of design sense of the new style, like this all black soles of the design and white vamps occur particularly handsome black adidas women and white color conflict, fashion. Full of cool blue, feeling as if into the boundless sea, micro-speaker style, so free, unfettered juvenile should be the attitude, multi-bag design, increased practicality, can be filled with pleasant mood , And very wild Oh Jeans is the trend of most people will not refuse a single product, because it can control a variety of styles, this side seam hit color style gives a different sense of layering, trousers fur design, simple but not exaggerated, but Without losing personality, street Fan full! Micro-belt retro style again and again, this five straight jeans, fabric soft and comfortable, do the old washing process, with the original natural luster, bold irregular hole design, full of the feeling of sex, but also a bit informal A sense of the trend of the grid. Now the most popular jeans, the trend is nothing more words, the style of any free you can also casual, but also literature and art, but also personality, which can be seen jeans is the daily wild models, version of the type is very young A family of aesthetic point of view.