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Have you ever thought that the most fashionable shoes in the summer would be slippers

Slippers have long been not only for the home design, in recent years show the field frequently appear its shadow, so that everyone shines. In the inspiration of the designers, slippers from the original dirty image, gradually become more sophisticated, and now has become the fashion of people's hearts love. Today, many styles of slippers, material texture is also varied. For slippers such a single product, with the need to work hard, a careless may be counterproductive. Here are some of the hope that you can find some wear with the inspiration. This mix with a few years ago is definitely not appear in the street, but now is definitely one of the most popular way. Black and white striped sports slippers with white cotton socks, concise at the same time so that the whole person full of vitality, comfort is also no need to worry about. Letter shoes and letter adidas shoes socks is also very street, with the trace reveals a rebellious, in the choice of color on the socks and adidas originals socks can be diversified, and the color of the body to coordinate the color to avoid the span is too large.

In the choice of socks on the best for the cotton socks, the length of socks can also be adjusted with the overall mix. It should be noted that, as far as possible exposed legs and ankles, to avoid wearing trousers, trousers with slightly cumbersome, easy to make people look dirty. There is no sign of the summer is not complete, whether it is on vacation, at home, walking the dog, it is no better choice. A casual T-shirt + shorts, direct casually free, even if only new adidas shoes black and white will not seem boring. In contrast, you can leave some bright colors to the holiday, not only in the seaside or shopping spots to reduce the sense of restraint, suitable for taking pictures, in addition to the holiday to give you a good mood, the same color not too much, Will give people the feeling of dazzling. Flip in the material in addition to rubber and leather, suitable for some slightly formal occasions, coupled with a suit + shorts will not be so formal. In addition to the basic models, as well as in the heel and toes also have a special design, such as increasing the retro sense, the visual effect of elongated height and so on. Double buckle slippers and shirt mix is ??one of the popular trends, leather slippers and Hawaiian wind shirt two weeks style collision, both bearing the retro style, plus a simple pants, simple and taste. Half slippers in men more and more popular, probably a very small number and trousers ride so harmonious. For the color, it is recommended to choose white adidas superstar or dark some of the wild yet stable.