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High waist shorts + high heels, take a good body!

For the pursuit of a unique girl, the dress is a troublesome thing, how to wear a good look was thin adidas sneakers and seem unique? I think jeans with high heels is your best choice. There is a right to speak a high waist denim shorts, color for the old wash to do the old light blue and proud of the black, durable version of the type is very stiff, denim fabric texture is very good, close to wear is also very soft, The high-heeled shoes carefully selected high-quality suede, delicate feel, soft and comfortable, with the fashion personality of the pointed, highlighting the feet slim sexy sexy, high-heeled shoes, The gesture. Also joined the ingenious pattern of banding elements to cross the winding way derived from the legs of the slender lines, showing graceful sexy posture. It is wild, do not pick people do not pick the style, everyone can wear, and thus created it in the fashion industry "status." Hole jeans personality, rebellious, free, one of the common items on the street, adidas originals but this year more trend in this way, as long as you excellent beef jeans shorts, you are cool enough. Did you get ready for the heat wave?

This is a sexy woman dedicated to the high heels, fashion, high-profile performance of the most vividly, to create adidas superstar the most perfect leg type, highlight your tall figure. You have to go out of the necessary artifact Oh ~ just out of the new European adidas women station denim shorts, just listed on the already thrown the boom, waist lace, you can easily adjust, so that your uninhibited sexy to be released. Comfortable cotton denim fabric, coupled with superb washing process, put on her immediately went to the front of the fashion! Summer shoes will be sweating, nothing to encounter it no longer afraid of the sticky sticky. Wearing a comfortable Muyang, breathable with a good sweat, deodorant effect, so that your feet free breathing. Who said that the simple is not unique? This clear outline, to create the art and fashion.