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How do I get stinking in summer shoes? Doing goodbye to smelly feet

In summer, the smell of shoes and socks that wear for a day becomes even more obvious. Shoes also smell because of the smell of the shoes. Some tips can easily remove these odors -

Preparation materials: mothballs, white vinegar, soap

Method 1: Remove the stink of shoes with mothballs

Take a harder piece adidas sale of paper, wrap the mothballs, find a tool to adidas sale grind it, and evenly sprinkle the mothballs powder in the shoes. Place the insole on it. A pair of shoes is only about one mothball. This shoe can be kept dry, shoe odor will disappear.

Method 2: Use white vinegar to go socks

Socks are also very easy to smell, put a little white vinegar in the water to wash socks, soak for a while, then wash with water, this will not only remove odors, but adidas running shoes also play a role in sterilization.

Method 3: Use scented soap to remove odors from the shoe

The odor in the shoe is also adidas superstar well solved. As long as you put a soap in the shoe, you can easily remove the odor in the shoe. There is a good smell in the open shoe cabinet.

Tips: mothballs can not be in direct contact with the feet. Shoes containing mothballs do not need to be sun dried every day. The mothballs inside can only be changed every other week. Mothballs can play a very good antibacterial effect and can kill a large number of bacteria that grow due to moisture, so that there will be no odor.

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