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How to dress the shoes out of the sky? !

The popularity of the shoe market in recent years, and sure enough I have been planted a wave of grass, whether it is a stunning joint or some common classic models. Wearing on the feet does not prove that it really looks good! Well, look good! Then the question is! How to take the shoes will look good. I thought the sports shoes had fired for a while and I never expected it! Last year's sales exceeded the heels. So this year's spring, still can not let such a regain the heart of the trend ah. From collocation to selection, finally found the most adidas new shoes fashionable way to open sports shoes. Put down the fairy skirt must be equipped with a small high-heeled, small suits must be equipped adidas originals with small shoes, small ocean skirts must be with Mary Jane's obsession. Nowadays, sneakers are also hot items in the fashion industry, and they are often shot in street photography. It is finally not a small high-heeled one. The combination of shoes and shorts may give people the first impression that they will be more on the street, and the right thing to emerge in the mind is to wear a baseball cap and a skateboarding sister. In actual fact, such a street tide brand feeling with the sister's soft emotion is actually much more than the imagination of the United States!

In fact, at the beginning, the shoes were not so hot. Later, some models and stars came out from the gym and wore shoes. They also wore the sneakers out of another taste, so they started to promote the development of the shoes and promote the iteration of the trend elements of the fashion industry. . When paired with shorts, it is recommended to choose hot pants because the design of hot pants will be shorter. When there is no high-heeled shoes, you must also think of ways to stretch the legs as much as possible. Whether to wear stockings to see personal choices, but Ben is to feel wearing long socks legs look longer. The upper body can be paired with a single T-shirt or short-sleeved jacket and adidas women a seasonal jacket or a popular sweater. Sneakers with jeans are actually quite common, and they are commonly referred to as classics. I'll talk a little bit more briefly, and you'll just take a look at it briefly. After all, the finale hasn't appeared yet! Patience. Whether the cowboy is tight or not tight, or a hole or a hole, I do not recommend wearing a wide leg. The trouser leg is a little looser than the leg. It looks like the leg is straight. Very thin. The clothes are T-shirts or sweaters. Take a jacket. Simple and clean is the meaning of the classic collocation. In the summer, small sunglasses are worn and small bags are taken. adidas boots They are casual and casual. In addition to shorts, jeans and sneakers, there are yo! These two years are particularly fire! Yes, casual pants and skirt skirts, let's talk about casual pants first! Casual pants I roughly divided into wide leg pants, loose pants and leggings. Wide-leg pants in the school uniform pants I pulled out and said separately, last year school uniform pants on the fire, not to mention you do not know ah. Yes, it is the ugly school uniform trousers that look like a child. It is now a popular item. I did not expect to grow up now. When I was wearing a pair of sneakers, I really looked good! So lovely! Please tell me that I am not alone.