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In fact, boys sandals with white socks, and not so annoying!

Although the summer is up, it is time to adidas running shoes put on sandals liberation of the feet, but can not wear with socks ah! Often concerned about the fashion trend of friends must know that sandals with socks long ago was regarded as one of the taboo dress. The most important thing is with the socks even if, even with a pair of white socks, which is simply a disaster ah. With the recent changes in the fashion industry on the white socks, more and more people against it, toward the past is not recognized by the form of wear to wear. It is precisely because of this, so that more and more friends on the taboo wearing a change, sandals with white socks is one of them. Summer will choose the right sandals, this is non-slip sandals. Flat design, comfortable not grinding feet, you can go a long way. Work is very delicate, the alignment is very smooth. The overall shape of the shoes is very stylish, so that wearing more comfortable, every detail is designed to make your enjoyment of the feeling of comfort. Black is never going to be. Black represents calm, sexy also represents a fashion.

Cool slippers strong and durable, waterproof easy to care, fade the high heels of the shackles, so that cork adidas new shoes drag the comfortable throughout the body, the release of pressure, simple plain, choose not only comfortable shoes on their feet, but also let you become full Literary style Slippers in the eyes more simple, more comfortable in the dress. Thick non-slip soles let you wear more peace of mind, even if the water will not slip. Micro-bombs of the upper, so that the foot will not have tight feeling. Texture charm is difficult to resist, leisurely life, do leisurely family. Selection of imported cork raw materials and the perfect combination of natural rubber. PU anti-skid EVA soles, good softness and elasticity. Such as a leisurely leisurely, adidas superstar elegant and casual leisure scenery, to create a romantic passionate summer fun. Dry adidas women breathable vamps, not afraid of tread wet shoes, vamps velvet skirt design good performance, and quickly ease the excess moisture sweat, keep the soles comfortable and dry.