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Just graduated with a pair of slopes and small white shoes showing the body is also wild

Slowly and slowly many girls want to change their image to meet the new school. The adidas originals rustic look makes him stay in his hometown, but after all, he is still a student. High heels are not recommended to you. Such a small white shoe is a wedge. Oh, it's high, slim, and beautiful, with casual style clothes or small skirts just fresh and refined. In the summer, not everyone likes to wear sandals. For example, if you like me, you would like to wear this kind of mesh white shoes, which can be used with many styles of clothes. The height of the heel is just right, very comfortable, and it is also very good to go hiking. . Shoes look very simple, but there are scheming designs behind it. The image of a cute panda is very suitable for the age of the students. It is also made of breathable fabric and does not wear well. Shoe shoes, there are three cm to make slopes increase, or hollow adidas store design, at first sight I fell in love, and immediately bought home, did not expect to wear very comfortable, soft soles are still very breathable.

Don't be used to high-heeled shoes must first buy a pair of flat-bottomed pointed shoes to adidas originals try the feet, wear more will love it, because it is very decorative foot type, much better than the stupid round-toe adidas outlet shoes. Black and white collocations are not necessarily colorless, so this color matching is also a student's favorite, and school uniforms are also very nice to see. Summer shoes must be breathable, so this kind of breathable fabric hole shoes must be prepared, go out for tourism or wear well, a pedal design is most suitable for lazy cancer family.