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Learn the rules of fashion boots, beautiful charm

Suddenly more and more thick autumn, the street is no longer a small white shoes of the world, and quickly put your little white shoes put on a sexy pair of sexy shoes put it. If this year's popular style which, that is none other than a short boots. Want to be more than with the small white shoes to give you intimate warmth, than with the cotton boots can bring you more clean and agile temperament, than the boots more wild for a variety of body crush. Boots can not only easily adidas sneakers create a long leg of both the visual sense, very wild Oh, with jeans, dress that temperament is the bar. If you do not want to wrap in the cold weather when wearing a pair of cotton trousers and then a pair of cotton shoes, like a bun like to go out to learn the rules of fashion boots. A pair of good texture, smooth lines of the boots can make you wearing sweater trousers, wrapped in long jacket son adidas boots can also go through the thick clothes to feel your slender. A pair of handsome British boots, can easily create your handsome, in addition to showing your big legs can also show your bones wild personality.

As the day to do what the next day to wear those who are cool, fashionable and eye-catching with the real more difficult. Moreover, every day there may be life, work a lot of things drag. Then such a leather round pedal boots is very suitable for you. The use of matte leather boots to be made a lot of simple, but the smooth lines of soft or make this shoe is a lot to buy. Matte pointed design, has a very good sense of elongated legs, matte surface and reveals a retro temperament. British tie Martin boots, relatively casual style, clean handsome version of the type can be used adidas new shoes with a variety of styles of clothing Oh. A little adidas new shoes height of the upper has a very good warm effect, a little rough with the design was significantly high Oh. How many girls are more or less dissatisfied with their height, but it does not matter, the world is fair to us. Height is not enough, high heels to Minato This thick soled shoes with Martin boots simple, 5cm thick bottom was significantly higher, intimate anti-skid design is also great. Selection of high quality retro material, which is very soft and warm plush, non-slip wear-resistant natural rubber at the end. Sexy fashion pointed rough with version type, there is a very significant effect was significantly thin Oh, simple atmosphere version, to build slender body proportions.

Very elegant and elegant classic black version, the use of high-quality leather material, natural anti-skid soles to ensure your safety. Side zipper with simple circular zipper, very design sense, as a whole simple atmosphere of temperament plus points. With a strong retro temperament of the thick bottom boots, metal cortex is very texture, large teeth thick version of the type, highlight your wild. Classic lace design is very high. With a pair of jeans leather is a sexy fashion girl. Pointed zipper bare boots, simple shoe body design, retro matte leather style, it is suitable for autumn and winter to create a gentle and elegant temperament. Rough with high-heeled design is very high. For the self-confidence is not enough self-confidence sister's benefit.