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Not even pointed pointed shoes, really sorry to say that their own fashion

With the recent surge in temperature, always feel that this has just started the summer has been very hot ~ this time, Xiaobian most want to start is a pair of sexy strap shoes, and this pair of shoes have been much loved by the girls Oh. But tie shoes so much, compared to down, but also a sharp tie shoes most significant legs thin! Foot on the tip of the style makes people ignore the calf's strong, with a minimalist way to express the gentle and style of adidas women women, effort to make adidas shop people shines, a second thin to fairy feet! Straps shoes are divided into many styles and types, such as flat-bottomed style, that is, last year the major brands are out of this year also continue to out of one of the straps of shoes, it is the advantage of flat wearing ah, not uncomfortable, and Flat knot shoes more sub-Bohemian leisure feeling, black nude color are flat shoes with a common color. For romantic girls like, there is no more than flat shoes tied to you! , Super comfortable flat down the street fashionable and handsome. Replaced with high-heeled strap shoes, then, is elegant myself, although wearing tired, but the straps of high heels can make your temperament instantly be promoted a lot, and pointed straps high heels will appear your feet very thin, Especially in the visual type.

This year to save a lot of girls is thick with tie shoes, it is simply the value of both wear a pair of straps shoes, both to meet the needs of the girls play the United States, and wearing not tired, who can refuse it. If you prefer high-profile elegant slim, but also to control not to fine with high-heeled with the straps with the shoes is very suitable for you, easy to walk, but also to enhance temperament, is simply white-collar girls favorite. I believe we must be unfamiliar to the red-breaking skyline shoes, fashionable wind blowing ah blowing, the trend of the trend change ah change, but the banding shoes only goblin even from last year has been to this year. It is so fashionable pointed shoes in the end how to wear it? Daily commuters, whether high heels or flat shoes, coupled with lace design, it seems to become more feminine, those in the local tie with the details of the style, you can put it as ordinary shoes or sandals, low-key do not play , For most people! Print skirt can best highlight the elegant and charming woman temperament, especially the chiffon material dress, when the breeze hit, walking in the street you like the wind in the little fairy. The same color tie shoes will make your adidas superstar overall look there is a breathable place, tie shoes than the pointed shoes or ballet shoes to come more agile.

Wide leg pants are suitable for all year round, because it is too good to wear. Both can appear long legs and can help you hide the small defects of the legs. Of course, when wearing a wide leg pants, boarded a pair of high-heeled strap shoes to create a big long leg Oh. Let the girls both fashionable walking and comfort doubled. Fashionable Western style and sexy self-cultivation style bell-bottoms and strap shoes are also equipped with As the saying goes, the classic is fashionable, this mother's fashionable single product, the beauty of the sister who quickly start it Shoes must choose to bring with the tie shoes Ha, so as to look slender legs.