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Put on flat shoes charm four rounds of high heels!

Flat shoes is definitely a favorite of girls, not only to modify the legs of the adidas shop line, you can put the legs well, it is suitable for wearing shopping, even if the United States and the United States have to go shopping! Some people say that girls wear flat shoes is conducive to foot health, easy to walk, it was also said that girls wearing flat shoes from low-key, there are people that is not to let a boyfriend was short and so on.

Round head flat shoes with the first layer of leather shoes, the use of high-quality lightweight rubber at the end of the weight of the weight of the equivalent of two mobile phone Oh, the mouth of a circle of sponge design, meticulous care of your feet, followed by fashion five-pointed star Design, completely enough tide Oh! Pearl tassel pendant casual shoes fabric with the first layer of leather, good cowhide is visible Oh, pig leather insole with 0.5 cm sea of ??cotton, soft rubber outsole, shoelaces with a fixed band, do not tie, save The lace of the troubles, and very beautiful, followed by the use of matte leather design, anti-wear feet, there are very fashionable. Pure white PU sports shoes small white shoes swept for several quarters, regardless of spring and autumn and winter, really is really wild ah! If you have not finished it, Why is the adidas women white shoes so popular? adidas store Star tide people are so love it? Because the wild is comfortable! Leather lace shoes this shoe can be said that this year a creative casual shoes. Fabric with silk and dermis stitching silk, silk silk sense of the upper, shiny warm and delicate, blunt design filling rate, coupled with the effect of the edge of the satin edge, giving a sense of regret beauty. White wild shoes PU + net yarn, round toe design, round shoe last, with anti-collision, easy to clean and other functions, personality trends, wearing comfort. Shoes with classic lace design, stylish elegance, convenient and comfortable, giving the feeling of generous, comfortable shoes focus on the inside, comfortable, soft, breathable. Bow shoes than the rounded head of the ballet shoes, pointed flat shoes more sharp modern means that it has a flat shoes comfortable, there are high-heeled shoes sexy, sweet for the little girl is already disdain, that mixed Sexy and trendy pointed flat shoes.