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Shoes popular thousands of changes, write your trend is biography

Those years we pedal canvas shoes, writing belongs to our youth, then, once countless fantasies, grew up wearing small shoes, we look like, is a sexy charm or the British modern or leisure Fashion, adidas superstar shoes to bring us not only these, but also for life, the desire for the future. For girls, the shoes is not just a tool for travel, but also a pursuit of a quality of life, enough to make your next step flowers. Each pair of fine small shoes have their own rich story. Through the night sky flying birds to see the beauty of this world, put on the art of small fresh shoes, like the birds in general, free, not bound by secular disputes, to pursue only belong to your freedom.

Some of the trend, some elegant, and some literary restrained quiet, straps of small shoes on behalf of the retro ancient atmosphere, perhaps this classic elegant temperament needs a retro and classic master to interpret the streets are difficult to see To the affectionate. High heels is undoubtedly the leader in the shoes, and the goddess of the standard is ultimately set off it, it represents not only fashion, but also with a little retro style, highlight the noble temperament at the same time will not make people feel vulgar , Instantly can make you become a hero in the Korean actress. Now the retro wind has been blowing, not a pair of retro shoes, really embarrassed adidas women to call themselves fashionable, a pair of British retro shoes can instantly let you back to the fashion industry, although it is flat shoes, but it can easily wear Out of temperament, so that you show a different kind of wonderful. Leather tassel small shoes. Feet are not guilty of the basic principles of shoes, and this small shoes to do it. This shoe heel 6cm, a little bit of involvement, slightly lower slightly Meng Meng, and the height of the best, however, put on very delicate, white color color art lovers, fashion generous, kind of small fresh small art Feeling, light brown is also a lot of friends will choose the color, because in spring and summer the color is simply wild.

The word with a waterproof platform with sandals. Eager to breathe easily in life, so hope to travel in a simple way, put on this word with sandals, to find those early summer breeze adidas store feeling. This shoe ultra-simple buckle way, wear off the convenience, the buckle had a simple job, round design, one word, toe edge sense of super, tendon soles, stripes loop, greatly enhance the grip, Make you comfortable not tired feet, not easy to slip. Wild thick patent leather small leather shoes. Do not you adidas running shoes want to have a pair of ladies Fan full of small shoes? This shoe can help you, this British wind patent leather small shoes, but the ladies Fan full, tassels and bow elements combined, full of inspiring girls heart right, patent leather material, bulingbuling bright, while Is also very easy to maintain Oh, the rivet around the shoe design, but also for its value at home plus a lot of points, really is awesome. Side buckle British style shoes. Speaking of flat shoes, small fairies must be familiar, but talked about the British wind side buckle shoes, but the most fire in 2017 a shoe. This shoe side buckle design simple and generous, full of generous intellectual beauty, British style of the wind, more delicate, followed by two can be worn, whether at home as lazy shoes, or go out as flat shoes, are appropriate , Put on comfortable and comfortable, full of fashion.