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Still wearing white shoes? Popular dad shoes this year!

The number of fashion is always let you guess, sports shoes are no longer the exclusive physical education, but also the influx of people in the street shooting weapon, a neat assembly of a pair of sneakers, the moment the young state is very suck eye. Retro sneakers are very popular, a sense of fire up father shoes become adidas women fashion's favorite tide shoes! Daddy shoes may not even look so beautiful, it seems a bit cumbersome, probably because everyone has a retro feeling in the heart, so, have become a loyal pink sauce shoes. Thick soled shoes, candy color leather stitching shoes, more girls heart, let the original stupid daddy shoes a little more lovely, classic Bullock toe, 6cm multi-level sponge cake bottom, adidas sneakers increase cutlery! Two kinds of color materials composed of mixed color soles, special and novel, very personal, adidas superstar 5cm increased thick end, comfortable was high, breathable mesh design, to breathe freely feet, very texture casual shoes! Fashion hit color, two layers of leather + cloth + pu material stitching vamps, unique and innovative, very trendy, pu padding, rebound powerful, full of comfort, according to ergonomic design 5cm increased uniform force , Give the foot a steady support!

Simple low-key shoes, the same color of the spelling, it is more adidas boots harmonious, classic round head shoes, wearing a more comfortable, comfortable heel, non-slip soles, comfortable at the same time give you greater confidence, as a daily mix of shoes is also great Great. Color lines decorate the shoe body, it is even more distinct color, more youthful range of children, there are graffiti to join the letter, it is even more vivid, breaking the dumb shoes dull, ribbon decoration is a new sense of vitality.