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The higher the heel, the more attractive the male eye you know the reason

There are several versions of the origin of high heels, it is said that because the 15th century Venetian businessman afraid of his wife heel wet mud, so he invented high heels. It is said that the French King Louis XVI invented. The origin can not be verified, men love to see the woman wearing high heels is an indisputable fact. Wear high heels is a fashion attitude, but also a trend. Have to admit that most men are visual animals, in addition to adidas boots the first look of the chest is the legs down, legs apart from the natural white long straight, high heels thin was contributed. Women who wear high heels are attractive in the eyes of men, just as men in business suits feel like gentlemen. Including some foreign psychologists have done some corresponding tests, the help of women wearing high heels is far higher than the women wearing shoes. In addition, the higher the adidas outlet heel, especially the 8 cm above the fine with the buttocks will unconsciously stand up and walk to release powerful hormones to stimulate the nerves of men, according to a study shows that the higher the heel, the more Attract men's eyes, the better. Super feminine design, gentle water who do not like. new adidas shoes Fight color on the legs were thin and sexy. 7 cm high light pink piercing full of girls heart. Concise style of the atmosphere, for those who are not too deep with the skill of the sister, is absolutely cost-effective, regardless of seasons models skirt or pants can control a good upper body effect. High heels do have some modification of the role of leg type, tighten the calf muscles showed very perfect leg lines. Lattice small female high-heeled shoes on the foot after the show a lot of tall, but the body involuntarily forward lean, more conducive to shaping the perfect shape, increase temperament. Pointed shallow new adidas shoes mouth design is able to significantly leggy, for women with instep width, this design allows the foot was thinner. 5 cm mid-heel design, even if not accustomed to wearing high heels sister can easily manage. Beauty of the heart of everyone, if you are engaged in the sales industry, especially in real estate, cars and the like, high heels are essential to better enhance the personal aura, exudes enough strong confidence.