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The principle of increasing ladies casual shoes

In the overall design, the application of the "Teacher's Principle of Strength" in adidas stan smith the foot structure warfare has been adopted to increase the design structure of physique, and the special pressure-resistant and breathable materials have been used to increase the height of the mat. , and supplemented by a straight line and elastic design, thus comfortable and comfortable clothing, defeated the rest of the general increase in casual shoes, discomfort, difficult to deform the problem, and the height is immediately increased by 6-8 cm, so that the children show the beautiful, graceful Posture.

1. High volume and agronomical

Intentionally disadvantaged agronomic fake leather, single Shen support point support structure, 12 lectures the name of the agricultural order hidden in the end of the legs of the ultimate fantasy! It is light, soft, flexible, tough, never deformed, and never caught up.

2. Instant increase Insurance comfort

Ms. increased casual shoes insoles, legs increased by 6 total! It is a physical increase, insurance fashion, and then reduce the straight line of high-quality shoes, straight line design, take the top straight line kiss points, the main and arrive at a very comfortable feeling.

3. Appearance design Correct body

Increase the height of women's casual shoes to increase the shoes, dodge the type of insoles, according to the body's foot bone structure with the force to teach power to increase the height of the air cushion, take the palm of the whole paste points, the main heel extension of the increased lines to form the legs The consequences of pushing and buckling have changed the habit of bow-humping and hump-winning. They took off their natural tendency forward and actively adjusted their bodies, bowing their heads and bracing adidas outlet their chests to show their strength.

4. Breathable wicking, massage health

Increase the number of women's casual shoes in the exclusive mosaic first with air cushion, increase, receive high-altitude side effects of the heel force, reduce the elasticity, walk no shortage, so that you walk in the synchronic, strengthen the hand-top acupuncture point massage to promote blood circulation, Increase women's casual shoes, increase your feet pain and fatigue. It is natural to increase the enthalpy difference of the wrong figure. As your words go, the elasticity swells and fights for the new air to protect your feet at any time. No matter how you go or how quiet you are, you will not feel tired when you fight with your front heels.

5. Classic product with high added value

The use of fine materials, thick singing, poor moral character, and weak amateurism, increase the size of the surface of the image through high levels of self-sufficiency, self-respect, and weakness.

Within the increase Ms. casual shoes adidas originals 6 shopping steps

Step one: Pick insoles.

The use of increased insole is the most cost-effective way to increase, remember that not all shoes can be stuffed into the increased insole, so try to select those shoes with a higher shoe upper to test the insole.

Step 2: Try a slightly lower insole.

A pair of shoes that are put into a 2-inch raised insole look no different from ordinary shoes, except that the heel is slightly taller or the sole is slightly thicker, so you don't have to sacrifice the style.

Step 3: Try a slightly higher insole.

A pair of shoes put into a 4-inch raised insole looks less natural because the sole looks thicker from the side.

Step 4: Try increasing the shoe + insole combination.

There is also a height-increasing shoe, which itself has a slightly higher heel, and there is an increased insole inside. It is both natural and high to wear. It is the best of both worlds.

Step 5: Choose the right style.

Compared with the ugly and outdated old-fashioned high-rise shoes in the past, there are many styles on the market today. Whether it is sports, leisure or business models, you will be able to pick the best shoes.

Step 6: Put on new shoes and walk around.

Take some time to get used to the new height-enhancing shoes. Just walking on it will feel like you are going downhill, but this feeling will fade over time. It is recommended adidas store to wear it on the carpet for one hour every day for a quicker adaptation within two or three days.