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The shoes put a thing particularly support people

Health and longevity is what everyone wants, but now there are more and more people want to think of the disease, such a disease unknowingly endanger the health of mankind, people at the edge of life and death. In life, more time, for the disease, we often afterwards Zhuge Liang, after the illness will think about, as early as that, had to do that. Disease prevention can start from the very small things in life, for example, for the cleaning of the shoes, in order to protect the feet. In the present society, a lot of people's illness is able to see from the foot, a pair of clean shoes, is able to give health a layer of protective clothing, the following for everyone to introduce the shoes in the release of this thing, Away from the disease.

The shoes put a thing particularly support people

One, clean shoes, healthy feet

The old saying goes: thousands of miles trip, beginning with a single foot, visible feet for a person's health is how much impact.

In health health, often hear the health of people say this: feet are the body of the "barometer", with the changes have to be careful, it can be said that clean feet for a person's health is very influential.

And have a pair of clean shoes, is able to give a clean foot to provide a very good space.

Here that clean shoes is not to buy a new, nor is it necessary to wear a shoe once to brush once, but that to foot shoes, a pair of clean shoes is able to give health foot escort.

The mission of the shoes is to facilitate the walking, whether it is a pair of ten thousand yuan of brand-name shoes, or a pair of ten dollars to spread the goods, the use of the value is the same, are able to help people walk.

Of course, such use is restrained, if only a pair of shoes a year, for the shoes is an injury, for the foot injury more big.

Protect the shoes is also in the protection of the foot, how to protect the shoes in the present is more and more attention by many people.

Second, choose the right shoes

In order to keep the shoes clean, many people will choose often brush shoes, in their view often brush shoes is a good protection of shoes, it is not true, often brush shoes will cause damage to the shoes increased, so that the use of value decline.

Wearing shoes and eating food is the same, in the food intake, eat seasonal food under the most support the people, but also the case, in the appropriate season wearing appropriate shoes, is the protection of the foot, but also the protection of shoes , For example, can wear sandals in the summer, for Martin boots such as winter shoes, it is adidas sale best not to wear.

At the same time, for a lot of people who sweat too much, when wearing shoes, the best few pairs of shoes for wear, otherwise the sweat is caused by the accumulation of bacteria, the feet are adidas stan smith very susceptible to bacteria, so Is to give health risks.

Therefore, when wearing shoes, choose their own shoes is very important.

Third, in the shoes into the tea

Many people in life when drinking tea, a bag new adidas shoes of tea just soak a few times was poured into the sewer, in fact, for the tea can be used for the second time.

Soak tea several times, although its efficacy is not so fresh fresh tea, but there are still a lot of useless.

Many people will put the tea after the tea residue, dried and sewn into the pillow, and in their view this kind of tea residue made out of the pillow is able to help to sleep well.

Indeed, such a pillow of tea is going to be far more expensive than some of the expensive pillows in the market to help people sleep.

For the removal of shoes smell, with tea is also able to achieve.

Tea itself is to remove the smell of the effect, for the smell of the air, tea is also able to absorb, for a lot of friends with a foot odor, when you return home every day, you can use tea to produce tea bags, the This kind of tea bag into the shoes, for the absorption of shoes smell is very helpful, the next morning when the shoes, it will be found, shoes fragrance.

And, many people in life will be burning tea leaves, in the burning of the smoke, the shoes on the top smoked for a while, but also to achieve the role of cleaning up the smell.

Four, charcoal clear odor

In life with charcoal to remove the smell of things, is already common.

For car owners, the car smell, is to use orange peel or charcoal to remove the car smell. For many families, the refrigerator is easy to ignore the place, but do not want a lot of bacteria in the refrigerator, such bacteria if not pay attention to it, it will cause serious bacterial infection, and with charcoal to dilute the smell, clear the bacteria is Many housewives like to do things, it can be said that charcoal is a good helper for many housewives.

In fact, for the removal of the smell of shoes, put a small bag of charcoal is also able to clear the clear.

There are a lot of tiny holes in the charcoal, so that the fiber holes have the ability to adsorb, for the smell of the air, for the humid gas, for the harmful substances are able to remove well.

Some people in life will use charcoal to absorb the moisture of bonsai, bonsai in the growth of micro-organisms to provide a good living space for the bonsai's ability to improve the pest and disease.

Five, alcohol scent odor

Speaking of alcohol, many people will say that alcohol used in medicine, to achieve the role of sterilization, sterilization.

Indeed, alcohol in medicine, used to wipe the wound, clean up the bacteria more widely. In life, for alcohol is also a good way to use, for people with severe fever, it is possible to achieve the purpose of cooling by applying alcohol, which is the use of alcohol endothermic ability.

And here we recommend that you use alcohol to remove the smell of shoes, mainly taking into account the alcoholic bactericidal ability, for the smell of shoes, is the alcohol can be adidas new shoes poured on the paper towel, put this paper into the shoes, home cool Place is able to play the role of sterilization in addition to odor.

This is mainly to take into account the alcohol is highly volatile items, in the process of volatile odor can be played to kill, in addition to odor effect.