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There's still a pair of Chelsea boots in your shoe

In fact, Chelsea boots from a student time when a pair of manpower, up to now, there is a strong British style Chelsea boots are still classic. Chelsea boots is the most important symbol of the elastic band on the side, in addition to a pedal can easily wear off, but also tighten the boot, but also fit the leg lines. In the socks have not yet appeared, are wide boots, but it is modified legs and stylish play, there is no lace, still able to maintain casual style, which is rare in ankle boots. But adidas running shoes Chelsea boots have one of the biggest problems, significant calf, to solve this problem, you can improve from the following aspects. PU upper, simple and easy care, metal decoration, beautiful cloth in the youth, intimate care feet thick with the modified leg type. In addition, the traditional Chelsea boots just stuck in the calf is not only fat, but also cut off the line was low, so you can choose fit the ankle design, or adidas originals just to the short ankle tube. First layer of leather upper, delicate and solid quality, suppleness, belt buckle elements, enhance the design sense, cool street Van. Skin-friendly pig skin palm fit soft feet, breathable and comfortable.

Although the classic Chelsea boots, but come up with a few years ago, the university's inventory, but also a bit outdated, you can choose the style of the current trend of design, both to retain the classic, but also chasing fashion. The use of the preferred leather insist on the use of the preferred leather to make the shoes comfortable and good toughness windproof and warm breathable strong, elastic and tough with a strong rubber sole wearing comfortable folding. The first layer of imported leather suede, patent leather bright texture to increase personality, bright autumn and winter sheepskin shoes. Breathable soft, lightweight and comfortable, will not stop the foot will not bored sweat, super comfortable. If you can not wear the streets of leather, can be used with other jacket pants can be replaced with leggings and even the Socks This is the most suitable pants for wide-width Chelsea boots wear. High-quality suede suede uniform color, U-type elastic easy to wear adidas store off, solid and rough with the charm of freedom walking flexible TPR outsole comfortable and durable.