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Thick legs sister so wear, so you become smaller legs

Rough legs are not what every girl wants, but rather a troubling affair that has plagued everyone. No matter how beautiful it looks to others, but in your body can always sing some of their own dissatisfied defects, then for those who think their legs and legs are not want every moment Small legs. In fact, you adidas originals want to wear out the feeling of small legs is not difficult, depends on how you wear, how to go with. With the trend of fashion changes, bell bottoms have become more and more popular style, we can not deny the bell-bottomed shape is not only for people to love, but it can also help the thick legs of the sister to create the perfect leg type . Waist pants itself can stretch the visual sense of leg length, coupled with the mini bell-bottomed pants, which is characterized by the characteristics of the bell-bottoms bell-bottoms, the legs can be the perfect shadow of the meat, gives the small legs Visual effects. Leg thick girls hope that the legs can look more symmetrical in the dressing, tapered harem pants is the perfect shape to cover the asymmetrical type of legs, the use of wide under the narrow pants, so adidas shoes that the legs Looks more straightforward.

Harem trousers look awl shape, the perfect modification of the legs, nine-point length pants look more capable type, coupled with the black color is a thin symbol of the thick legs of the baby to wear more confident. Straight trousers are different from the tapered pants and bell-bottoms, it does not have any modification, straight pants up and down the same width and width, but its advantage is to wear on the body so that the thighs and calves look well up and down, do not see the legs Extra meat. Wide to nine pants for each leg-type sister, is a relaxed casual style, leg-type defects have a very good shelter effect, no matter what kind of jacket with the effect, are the perfect match for the thick legs girl. Of adidas boots course, a beautiful shoes can bring more charm to women, but sometimes, adidas store choose your own shoes can make you look more tasteful. Thick legs of girls in the choice of shoes must be careful not to blindly choose long boots, so that not only do not block their own shortcomings, but will be more emphasis on shortcomings. Wild thick with low-heeled shoes, it allows the legs look more slender, can be well modified leg type, thick with a smooth and safe design, and then catch a bell-bottomed pants or straight pants, more stretch leg , Create a perfect posture.