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To children under 3 years choose shoes, parents need to know the three points!

A few days ago, a treasure mother gave me a message saying that her 3-year-old son went to the hospital for medical examination. The results showed that he was flatfoot. Although there was some genetic factors, the acquired weight change and the long-term wear of a soft, incapacitating child Shoes, are closely related. If the child is flat feet, feet shock absorption capacity is poor, easily lead to sore legs and feet. Children under 3 years of age, inappropriate shoes, will affect the development of the arch, then parents in the choice of shoes to children, what should pay attention to it? Children under 3 years of age, is a small peak of physical development, clothes and shoes adidas originals more frequently replaced. Parents choose shoes for their children, can not be too large, it can not be too small, then how to judge it? When children try on shoes, the mother can compare the length and length of the shoes, if the length of the shoes is about 7-9mm, do not put on the top of the foot, and the width of the sole is larger than that of adidas sneakers the baby's foot About 4-6mm wide, it will not squeeze the foot; also let your baby wear shoes, take a few steps, and then take off your shoes, look at the instep is not indentation, you can determine whether the shoes fit, you can also determine the child Is it necessary to change bigger shoes?

First of all, to choose the upper surface of the relatively soft material, but the insole part can not be soft; In addition, the sole must not be too thick, it is not conducive to the growth of the child's arch; Also, to try your baby shoes, walking sole One-third of the Department is not able to bend, to facilitate children to walk, walk is not hard? If the child exceeds 2 years old, we should choose some shoes to help with the hardness of the shoes, to protect the child's ankle growth, as well as reduce the use of cloth shoes, because the shoe is not backing, is not conducive to the arch, especially running Jump, it will damage the child's arch. If the shoes are too small, children walk, the toes to the top, likely to cause toes and toenails injuries, but also not conducive to the growth of the child's foot bones. If the shoes are too large, the children are walking, they feel that the shoes are not with the feet, like slippers, "procrastination", adidas outlet long-term use will lead to poor walking posture of children, affecting the child's walking image. After the upper can not be too loose, otherwise it can not play a stabilizing adidas shoes role, children will be more tired to walk, will damage the child's ankle.