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Want to play mature? A pair of Chelsea boots is enough!

Chelsea boots have always been the "Duke of Boots" reputation, tracing the source, then it started with the Beatles band fire, then popularized in groups of young people, it is also known as the "Beatles boots." There is another argument, Chelsea boots are designed for the aristocratic horse racing, but the first Chelsea shoes tip, heel high, very untrue. After the redesign of the designer, Chelsea boots have become more popular. In the material, Chelsea boots smooth suede and suede leather two, can be perfectly compatible with business and leisure these two different occasions. When attending a formal occasion, it is recommended to choose leather Chelsea boots, yet elegant and neat, but also modified leg shape! Inside and outside the whole leather material, breathable moisture highlights the texture at the same time. Upper baroque carved design adds the highlights of boots, refreshing, finishing touch. Imported suede cowhide, bringing a completely different from the glossy skin touch, pure camel color moist. Vamp after hand-rub color adidas outlet processing originality. Natural rubber soles feel very comfortable.

If not very tall boys, it is recommended not to choose too high cylinder Chelsea boots, just ankle is the best height, otherwise easy to appear short legs. A tall, then the choice of tube height no restrictions, but also in winter can play an effective role in protecting the ankle. High-effective design to effectively prevent cold and warm, further protect the ankle. Vintage rub color treatment adidas sale to make the upper appear rich and varied, different. Retro dark brown elegant atmosphere, yet delicate. Qi adidas women and ankle height for most of the boys height, you can easily manage. Tip design can be stretched longitudinally, so as to modify the leg type, visual significant leg length. Round head is delicate, pointed more slender, in addition to these two toe, Xiao Bian more recommended Square Chelsea boots, between round and pointed, the adidas store gentleman is not bulky, serve two purposes. High-effective design to effectively protect the ankle, cold warm. Sculpture-like angular type, more prominent temperament. Repeated hand-painted color, with a comfortable wear-resistant rubber sole, comfort out! Elegant and slender square design square and just right, black deep maturity, wipe brown retro chic. Rubber outsole comfortable and wear-resistant, low-tube design easier to control.