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Was the legs were long legs with skills?

On the high actually is the two adidas running shoes cases, one is "height" and the second is "proportion." And high does not mean that the proportion is good, and short does not mean that the proportion will be bad. Proportion In general, up is the relationship between the "leg" and "jacket", down is the "leg" and "shoes" relationship. Now to summarize what kind of shoes to wear the most significant leg length. 5 magic weapons, make you invincible and invincible. Very popular shoes recently is a short boots, and Xiaobian favorite is black pants plus black boots it! This method of wearing shoes is the same color rule, can play the role of stretching legs in the visual. If different colors will have adidas women a dividing line at the ankle, you can not significantly leg length.

More exposed barefoot shoes are shallow mouth, of course, some time ago in the fashion circle is a transparent fire shoes, but the most picky or shallow mouth shoes. This method of wear is "feet long" + "leg length", of course, will be greater than "leg length" it! The pointed shoes look slender and have a certain extension and modification of the leg length. The round head too juvenile, but also easy to appear short legs, fat feet, so it is best to choose high or pointed pointed shoes it! Normal girl, the preferred fine with followed, followed by rough with, then the wedge. Fine with the adidas stan smith shoes will be more temperament, the most recommended is the wedge, wedge and loose shoes are very heavy style. In fact, the heel is not the adidas sneakers higher the higher! The more small, the more you can not wear high shoes, if petite, 5,6 cm is enough, so that you are comfortable and coordinated.