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What are Mueller shoes?

What is Muller shoes, may not be very familiar with some people, in fact, in simple adidas sneakers terms, Mueller shoes are leather sandals, this adidas running shoes has not been optimistic about the ugly shoes fashion people in recent years has set off a retro trend, from T Taiwan to the street shooting, almost a pair of hands, comfortable wear off the design, many styles, can be very high collocation, followed by buy buy Xiaobian together to understand why Muller shoes why it is so popular. Muller shoes It is a development of ancient Rome shoes, especially the kind of shoes with bare heels and frontless toes. At first, Muller shoes did not go to the elegant, but also adidas women with a deep sexual implication. Until the 1950s, because of the love of Marilyn Monroe, there was an upsurge of popular fashion. The Mueller shoes she chose weakened the suggestion of sexual implication. In the past, those pointed, feathered, embroidered, rhinestone, tapered, etc. The details of being too feminine have disappeared. The simple black and white color scheme, the slightly squared toe, and the thick heel that emphasizes the sense of power all give the Muller a neutral temperament. In recent years, Mueller shoes have seized the prominent position of the footwear popularity list. This time, it has once again become popular in a more minimalistic fashion. Whether it is the thickness of the shoelace or the height of the heel, wearing it can always adidas running shoes show that the female is handsome and capable of being soft and feminine, but sexy is not overly public.

The intention of the Muller shoe is the high-heeled shoe that is wrapped around the heel of the foot and only reveals the heel. With the development and changes of the trend, there are now changes in the exposed toe Mules, flat Mules, pointed Mules, etc., but the heel is a necessary condition. Flat-bottom Muller shoes have become popular in the past two years. Without the constraints of high-heeled shoes, they are more casual and casual, giving people a very lazy feeling and inadvertently revealing fashion trends, whether they are skirts or pants. The equipment can be easily controlled. With the prevalence of retro style, Mueller shoes have once again been put on the stage of fashion, and they are loved by fashion ICON. However, when the retro style meets a minimalist design, Mueller shoes occupy the streets with new attitudes, or flat styles with leather or satin make people unable to give up, whether with wide leg pants, shorts or dresses, skirts are very suitable. Whether it is the thickness of the shoelace or the height of the heel, wearing it will always show a handsome, yet feminine side.