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What type of boots are your legs, are you really right?

For girls, the boots are winter standard, no matter boots short boots, it not only play a role in warmth, it is perfect to modify the legs, cover some of the shortcomings of the legs, of course, the premise is to clearly know What type of boots for their own legs, or the effect will be counterproductive Oh. Legs and boots, these methods quickly get together. The most annoying mushroom nuns on the radish leg is the muscle part of the calf, so radish legs do not choose boots, whether it is to the ankle or to the middle of the calf, which will only limit your shortcomings magnified. The best leggings for radish legs are knee-high boots, perfect for your sturdy muscles. For the white long straight legs, we have to skip over, how to wear all look good, do not come to pull the hatred. Elephant legs best choice boots, and must be at the ankle, too long will cover the ankle, it will appear more sturdy legs. Boots should also be generous, not personal, so the vision will have a thin effect Oh.

O-type legs Mushrooms, the most wanted to achieve the effect of wearing boots is to make legs look less curved. If you wear pants, remember not tight, the boots can choose middle or long section or to the middle of the adidas sneakers calf, the boots a little decorative objects, and with the belt, so that both can shift the line of sight, high heels can make themselves more straight. Legs shorter, grow shorter mushroom niece, boots, first of all, certainly not to choose over the knee, so will only look even shorter. Short-legged fit to wear short boots, bare boots better, the visual ratio will adidas store be able to pull the whole ratio, with a short skirt, it seems minute leg length one meter eight. Sisters can refer to the rules of the selection of boots, take a look at what type of leg, you can find the right boots, properly go in the trend of the front friends. Boots really born with a handsome sense of look cool, bring stovepipe function. The boots are elastic, fit more legs, can not afford a more visually thin tube, thick velvet inside the warmth of the warmth of the second leg of the goddess.

Snow boots is really subversive of the traditional heavy sense of style looks full design, put on the feet and with a touch of lazy feeling. Add velvet inside, warm and soft, non-slip rubber sole, lightweight wear-resistant, comprehensive care adidas running shoes of your feet. There are two colors of boots, whether black or brown, are very wild. Very handsome in a black boots, leather soft, delicate adidas boots texture, no heavy legs in winter to see, the zipper design is very sexy, with a playful style, so that boots look more elegant and handsome. More relaxed mouth, legs do not look good Guidan do not be afraid.