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Which kind of slippers is the best?

The first kind: TPR bottom

This kind of bottom is the most common one. TPR's bottom craft is divided into: TPR soft bottom, TPR hard bottom, TPR side bottom bottom, there are many friends say rubber bottom, beef tendon bottom, blow-molded bottom, viscose bottom Can be classified as this category.

The advantage of TPR bottom is that it is soft, waterproof, has a certain degree of wear resistance, feels familiar to everyone's usual rubber feel, and there is a TPR on the basis of pressing into the cloth, increasing the durability of the TPR.

Second: EVA bottom

Many people at the end feel unfamiliar, in fact, people who often go on business trips and people who love to see the drama are not unfamiliar, hotel dragging is basically done with this kind of bottom. The slippers worn by many families in the play are also such bottoms.

The advantages of EVA bottom are: firm, light and easy to clean.

The third kind: point plastic bottom

Spot plastic cloth is not very popular in China, because many people find it inconvenient and not waterproof. In fact, in foreign countries, this kind of bottom is very common, especially Americans like most. Most of them are used on animal shoes. Japan and South Korea also like to wear this kind of bottom because this type of bottom anti-skid is very good, because its mute effect is also used in many high-end hotels and hospitals. Soft, light and non-slip.

Fourth: cloth

There are many types of fabrics, such as suede, useful canvas, mop mop that can be mopped, slippers on the fabric, and slippers on the floor are suitable for wooden floors, soft and comfortable, very clean, most directly throw Just enter the washing machine. If you have a carpet in your room, or a very high-grade wooden floor, or if you are an otaku and like to surf the net in the bedroom, the soft and comfortable cloth slippers are definitely the best choice. However, such bottom shoes are more adidas originals difficult in terms of craftsmanship and the market for the audience is not large, and the market is scarce. The Chinese market is not easy to operate such slippers.

Fifth: PVC

It is a process that is synthesized after the leather is overwrapped at the bottom of EVA. Most of the bottom shoes are also made of this material. Same point plastic cloth,

Sixth: Other

There are many fabrics that can be used on the soles, such as the dermis, but it is not common to say that they are luxury products. What are the materials of slippers?

How to solve the slippery bottom?

1. Grasp a knife longitudinally at the right quarter of the sole, approximately 0.5 cm in depth. With this incision as the center, adidas sneakers cut an incision obliquely from the right.

2. Also cut adidas new shoes a cut on the left. There is a V-shaped groove from the toe to the heel.

3. Grab a knife longitudinally 0.5 centimeters from the side, use the tip to pick out the middle sponge, draw a groove, and use the same method to draw out the remaining two vertical grooves.