Smart Fashion

Smart Fashion

The development of “smart technology” has penetrated various sectors to support human life. If the presence of smartphones starting with the emergence of the iPhone has changed the order of the world to the direction of the acceleration of digital, hence the birth of smart technology more staying wait time to be enjoyed by people of humans.

Have you ever heard of the term smart fashion before? This is the latest breakthrough in the world of fashion, namely fashion combined with technology. By because it is, a breakthrough can provide a lot of convenience for us through some of the benefits that beyond the usual, one of which is for health. Then, fashion whether that could be very useful for the health of us when it is already combined with the technology of modern? Here are some smart fashion products that support our health and family.

1. Owlet Smart Sock 2

The products have short legs that can be useful for health fruit heart you. Owlet Smart Sock 2 is the second generation of Owlet Smart Sock which has all the features and uses that you will like. Equipment is using technology Oximetry pressure that is used at home sick for watching the beating heart of the fruit of careful us to ensure sleep and breath are not disturbed. The products that have had three kinds of sizes are different, can be filled with reused station bases and synchronized with the iPhone or Android to deliver the data in real-time or time well.

However, there are also some features additional new for smart fashion is such a range of Bluetooth which has increased up to 100 feet to assist you in expanding within the activity you to baby you. Also, the sensor is placed with more good again, so will there be a little notice that mistaken for an increase in the accuracy and precision of information.

Equipment is also working with new Platform Owlet that is “Connected Care Platform” which will help you to identify issues of health that potential like for example disorders sleep, pneumonia, RSV, bronchitis, disorders of pulmonary lung chronic and also the problem of the heart. Already time to get the involvement of technology in the world of health through the role of the doctor is getting improved so that the public ( consumers ) can continue to have data updates for all the things that they needed as supporting health.

2. Neopenda (Smart Baby Hat)

This is not purely a smart fashion, but a tool that can be placed in perfectly on hat infants are newly born. What’s the use? This tool can help to measure body temperature, heart rate, breathing, and oxygen saturation in the blood. Tools have been developed by Napenda, start-up health which is based in New York. This product was discovered by Teresa Cauvel and Sona Shah, both of whom are graduates of biomedical engineers from Columbia University.

Nearly 24 caps of a baby can be synchronized with the technology of wireless by using Bluetooth to a tablet that will run through the software. The idea of his own is to the doctors and nurses who checkmark sign vital of the whole room homesick where they would get a sign or a warning if the case changes will beat the heart as well as the temperature of the body that is caused by the conditions specified. After making a successful campaign, the team is now being located in Uganda to bring the research more advanced to make products smart fashion is becoming a reality in the end.

3. AIO Smart Sleeve

Technology Komodo continues to develop a way to launch the product fashion arm that will use the technology ECG or electrocardiogram to monitor the activity of the beating heart of man.

In addition to providing data that is accurate on the beating heart, a product of smart fashion it also helps to monitor sleep, the intensity of the exercise in which the tool is available in two selection models are different. The product is also supported by sensors that exist to monitor the temperature of the body of man, the quality of air, including also rays of UV that exist.

That’s where 3 smart fashion that is useful to the world ‘s health in the future will come. Some already can be found in the market, but there are also still in the form of prototype and preparation to be able to be realized. What is clear, this technology will be very helpful and very useful for supporting human health in the future.


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