Trendy Gifts to Give to Your Brother

Trendy Gifts to Give to Your Brother

You and your brother have been through a lot and have some of the best memories from childhood. Surprising him on his special days with prank gifts to receiving the same in return, you all have grown up. With time and responsibilities, you two might not be together under the same roof, but the love you have for each other is still the same. To strengthen this bond, even more, you can surprise your brother with some personalised gifts or funny gifts from time to time. Not on specific occasions, but randomly as these random gestures bring a grateful smile to the face. For your up to date brother, we have gathered some trendy gifts that you can present to him to bag some appreciations in return.

Wooden Photograph Frame

Glass photo frames are boring or getting old for you? Well, then a wooden photo frame with your brother’s photograph on it is the one to go with. You can get his favourite childhood memory imprinted on the complete wooden frame. It will add charm to his home decor and he will keep the gift close to his heart always.

Chocolate Bouquet

No, we are not talking about the prank chocolate bouquet of empty wrappers. Although, we won’t stop you from playing this classic prank on him. We are talking about chocolicious bouquet that is filled with all his favourite chocolates wrapped beautifully in the bouquet along with some blooming blooms to make the gift more heartwarming.

Explosion Box

A perfect insta worthy gift that is full of memorable photographs. You can make this box at home as well with just some crafty tutorials available on the internet. All you need is an empty box on which you need to apply your creative craft skills. Decorate the box and creatively place the photographs of your brother inside it. Let him unbox happiness!

Fish Cocktail Glass

If your brother is not much of an alcoholic person, then giving him this fish cocktail glass seems like a perfect choice to go with. With intricate detailing and blowholes, it is an amazing gift for your brother if he loves to spend his evening with mocktails and cocktails. The straw on the top gives it a more dashing look.

Personalised Plant

Nothing’s better than sending in some fresh air and greenery to your brother’s house. The plant will bring good luck and positive vibes near him. The plant vase can be personalised with your brother’s name, photograph, quote, etc. to make it look more fabulous. Get him a plant and add greenery to his home decor.

So, these were some trendy gifts that you can give to your brother on any occasion. Along with the gifts, make sure to send rakhi to Canada, USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Spain, or to any other country where he resides on Raksha Bandhan. Also, apart from Raksha Bandhan, surprise him on birthday, anniversary, and many more occasions throughout the year. Happy gifting!