What is the best fashion for Muay Thai sports

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If you have decided to take up Muay Thai training in Thailand or martial arts sports, then preparations are in order. One of the first things to prepare before your first class is what to wear. Before you go shopping online or visit a sports shop, you should be sure of what you are buying.

Muay Thai has its unique fashion and sportswear, but it is flexible enough to allow a simple dress code for training.

For instance, several official brands sell Muay Thai shorts, singlets, gloves, shin guards, and other sportswear. However, you can also decide to purchase your sportswear anywhere. The design doesn’t matter, so far as it fits the purpose.

 The two primary things to wear to a Muay Thai gym are a sports tee and shorts. We will talk at length about these two Muay Thai sportswear.

For men, a singlet or sports tee works for training, except in places like martial arts gyms in Thailand and other countries where men are free to train topless, owing to the heat.

Men can buy their own comfortable shorts, but the best shorts to get is an official MMA design short tailored to give a lot of freedom to your legs.

On the other hand, women can put on a sports bra, sports tee, or a singlet alongside a short. Ladies can also wear leggings or purchase Muay Thai shorts. Just like men, women will also throw kicks, so the shorts should be free.

Apart from the shorts and shirts for Muay Thai, Muay Thai fashion is also made up of boxing gloves, shin guards, and mouth guards.

The boxing gloves protect your hands when punching. It prevents your hand and wrist from getting dislocated or suffering injuries. Some persons opt to create wraps that they protect their hands with, so they don’t need to use gloves.

Shin Guards are not a serious concern when shopping for your Muay Thai sportswear, because you won’t use it until after a few lessons. However, you will need them when you begin to spar, to protect your shin from injuries.

Mouth Guards are essential because they keep your teeth safe from punches during training.

Rash guards are also a new addition to the Muay Thai sportswear fashion in Thailand for women and men who want to look stylish as they train in camp.

 You can find a few persons wearing rash guards in MMA gyms because they reduce muscle injuries, and keep the body dry throughout the training.


Once you purchase the sportswear listed above, you are ready to begin training at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand.

The Muay Thai shorts deserve particular attention because they need to fit a particular dress code. Muay Thai shorts from www.suwitmuaythai.com are made of satin, they come in different colors and are baggy to assist difficult leg movement during training.

You can shop for Muay Thai shorts in different colors and designs, depending on your preferences.